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Whether you're contemplating a life-changing surgery or a minimally invasive treatment, it's crucial that you place your trust in capable and compassionate hands. At J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Beverly Hills, our skilled team, led by Dr. Timothy Katzen, is committed to providing you with nothing less than the absolute best in terms of quality care and pleasing results. With board certification in plastic surgery, Dr. Katzen has the credentials, surgical skill, artistic eye, and years of experience needed to finalize your aesthetic transformation. When researching a plastic surgeon to help you complete your cosmetic journey, reading real-life accounts from people just like you is often key to making your final choice. We invite you to browse through the many experiences of our wonderful patients so you can make the most informed decision possible.

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Review from B.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Apr 18, 2017

Permalip - Top Lip Only - 5mm - Beverly Hills, CA - My lips have always been an insecurity of mine. Mainly my top lip as it is noticeably smaller than my bottom lip. I tried Juvederm out back in 12/29/15, and loved my results but they only lasted 4-5 months, and I had paid $485. So getting Permalip just seemed like a better solution for me, money and convenience wise. Plus it can last a life time. Making the PROS of Permalip out number the CONS. That's when I decided to start my research and look into getting a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. I did a lot of research on Yelp, Real Self, Facebook reviews, and qualifications before choosing Dr Katzen in Beverly Hills, and after having my consultation with him on 1/04/17, I was confident enough to book an appt with him for the procedure on 1/20/17. We both agreed that only getting Permalip on my top lip was the proper choice. It'd make my lips proportioned or my top lip only slightly bigger than my bottom, and that was okay with me. Dr Katzen was very warm, and knowledgeable and made sure to answer any questions that I had. He even had a phone call with me a week prior to my procedure date to get any last questions/concerns out of the way, and to confirm what size I wanted to go with. I also was able to voice my concerns about my fear of having "sausage lips" or them looking too fake. He quieted my insecurities with knowledgeable answers and made me feel comfortable with following through with the procedure. Well, 1/20/17 (today) approached quickly and of course I was very nervous once arriving at the doctor's office. He prescribed me Valium and I was able to get my prescription filled down stairs in the same building. Got my prescription within 10 mins, and went back upstairs. Had my chance to ask anymore questions before signing the documents and then took my Valium. I was taken into the back room, where topical numbing cream was applied to my lips. Waited about 20 mins, and then numbing injections were made into the corners of my top lip. Followed by my incisions being made into the corners of my mouth. Once the tunneling incision began, I couldn't feel a thing until he got closer to the center of my lips, where he then added a couple more numbing injections just to make sure I wouldn't feel anything. Honestly that was the most painful part out of all of this. The numbing injections hurt! Lol. But after that, I couldn't feel a thing. The tunneling through my upper lip continued and before you know it, my implant was in. Dr Katzen did a stitch on each side of the corner of my mouth, and ensured me that the implant was the perfect size for my lip. (We went with a 5mm in medium length for those wondering!)Over all my experience during the procedure wasn't too bad! My nerves and adrenaline definitely had me shaking, but it was practically painless except for those numbing shots. But other than that I only felt some mild tugging and pressure. And Dr Katzen made sure to comfort me as much as he could. He could tell I was nervous, and made some small talk with me, to distract me and keep me at ease. Asked where my favorite place was to vacation, if I snowboard, stuff like that. So I really appreciate how warm and friendly he was, and he had excellent bed side manner! He also prescribed me some antibiotics to prevent infection, and I was able to get those down stairs. And immediately scheduled a follow up appt for 1/23/17, and he told me I could call him at any time if I had any worries or concerns. So I thought that was very cool and generous of him. I am now almost 2 hours post procedure, laying in bed. (Elevated of course) and my lip is swollen and starting to throb! Thank god I have some Percocet to help with the pain, and I'm icing 20 mins on and 20 mins off. I also am taking Arnicare tablets and Bromelain which should help with bruising/swelling as well, so wish me luck! Will keep updating as the days go on. More

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