2 Liters of Fat Transferred to Butt - Transformation Tuesday with Dr. Katzen

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Dr. Katzen:

So we're doing Brazilian butt lift today, and we're going to take all of this beautiful abdominal fat which is collected here, and on the hips, and on the lower back, and purify all that fat, put it in the buttock and give her a much shapelier buttock. So it's wonderful that she's got all this fat here which we can harvest. Give her a nice, skinny belly, and a big butt.

I've injected my little local, and now I can make my incision through her pervious C-section scar, which makes it kind of easy, because she'll have minimal scarring after this. We're going to do that on both sides. This will allow access to her abdomen, and both hips. There's two liters of this tumescent fluid, and that's making the fat cells sort of float, and making the aspiration of the suction of those fat cells easier. Next I'm going to use this cannula, which will be able to harvest the fat very well, and we'll get nice, healthy big chunks of fat.

What I do is, I go through the previous incisions site. This is hooked to lipo. And you can see these fat cells now are coming out. Beautiful fat cells going to their next next adventure in the butt.

This is the first bottle of fat we've taken out. This is 2800 cc's of fat. Of that, we have about 2 liters of fat. So all that's your cheeseburgers, and your french fries, and your potato chips. Now what we're going to do is we're going strain it and we can clean out the fat and make sure it's all good fat.

We're done with the lipo of the tummy here. We got out about almost 4 liters of fat. You can see now it's a completely deflated tummy. Basically it's just skin now on muscle. There's no fat left whatsoever. She got a nice concave tummy. Now we're going to attack the sides and the backside, give her a nice skinny abdomen.

[inaudible] we've harvested all the fat, we can see her nice hourglass figure. That's going in there, I'm just closing up my port sites. WE're cleaning up the fat, and we're just about to inject it into the buttock. So, she'll get a nice big bootie, and a nice skinny waistline.

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[inaudible]... 25, 30, 35.

Dr. Katzen:

Go ahead.

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[inaudible]. 30, 20, 25, 30.

Dr. Katzen:

So we've... Sorry, we've injected 1200 cc's which is one liter and 200 cc's into the buttock here. It will give it a really nice shape. Nice bubble butt. And now I'm just kind of closing up the incision here. And then we'll flip her over and do the same thing other side.

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10, 15.

Dr. Katzen:

This surgery is not on a patient. This surgery is on a piece of foam. What we're going to do is, we're going to cut this out for the patient's butt. I've specifically measured exactly their new butt dimensions, and this X is where I want their butt to sort of sit. So their butt's going to sit in here, their upper legs are going to be here, their back's going to be here, and their head's going to be up here. So I want to custom cut out this foam. And again, now we're just going to cut this out full thickness. I found this is the best way to protect that butt after fat transfer, or Brazilian butt lift, when we put fat into the buttock.

So, I'm making this full thickness, and you can see that this is going to keep the butt from touching anything, whether it's bedsheets, or the mattress. And we're just going to come all the way around here until it meets up. And I think we have a complete seal there. So, now we're just going to punch this out. Boom. There we go. And, we're going to cover this with plastic to protect it, but you'll see that the patient's butt now will fit directly in there.

What I'm going to do is I'm going to show you how I do it, if I was the patient. Just pretend I had fat transfer from my tummy somewhere into my butt, and then the butt's actually going to sit right in this pocket, and the patient's going to sit there, and the butt's not going to touch anything. That's how the patient sits, couple of pillows behind their head, and that's the way to get the best result with that transfer to the butt.

Log into my websites. Protect that butt, and we custom ship these out, all throughout the U.S. to really protect that butt after the surgery. And I'll show you how it works in the operating room here on this next patient.

So, we're going to transfer the patient now right after her fat transfer right into this pocket, so there's no pressure on the buttock whatsoever, so all those fat cells can live in their new home

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Two, and-... Hi.