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What is Cheek Augmentation?

Hollow or sunken cheeks can make you appear a lot older than you actually are, which is an effect nobody wants their appearance to have. At J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Beverly Hills, plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy Katzen offers cheek augmentation to restore youthful facial contours and lift to the mid-face. Cheek augmentation is performed with either minimally invasive injectable fillers or longer-lasting silicone cheek implants. During your initial consultation, Dr. Katzen can talk about both options and help you decide which method will be the best fit your needs, concerns, and goals. Contact our Beverly Hills, CA office to schedule a consultation and learn how cheek augmentation can help you achieve a younger, fuller-looking face.

What Are The Benefits Of Cheek Augmentation?

Cheek augmentation in Beverly Hills, CA at J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Beverly Hills can improve a wide variety of aesthetic issues and enhance your look with benefits including:

  • Offers temporary and longer-lasting options
  • Treatment is personalized for your needs and goals
  • Accentuates the cheekbones
  • Replenishes volume loss
  • Corrects facial asymmetry
  • Creates a more youthful appearance
  • Enhances facial harmony and aesthetics
  • Results are customizable from subtle to dramatic
  • Little to no scarring

My experience with Dr. Timothy Katzen is wonderful. His surgical skills are top notch and he has great bedside manner. I have had 3 procedures with Dr. Katzen and happy with all three.

K.Y. Google

Dr. Katzen is amazing. His knowledge and bedside banner area impeccable. He kept me informed every step of the way. His staff is just as impressive, they are patient and responsive 24hrs a day. He is great with the bariatric patient community, he knows how to get rid of our loose skin and hide all the scars. Thank you for all your help!

C.R. Google

My self-esteem and confidence have already improved by milestones - I normally don't write reviews but Dr. J Timothy Katzen and his team have gone above and beyond my expectations. I had gastric sleeve surgery and lost a total of 125 pounds. I kept convincing myself that I don't need plastic or reconstructive surgery. I figured I was healthy, and excess skin and fat is something I could live with. Boy was I wrong. Looking at my flabs and wrinkled skin was a bad reminder of my old obese self, the person I wanted to move on from. I had such low self-esteem when I was obese. I found Dr. J Timothy Katzen through Real Self and had no doubt he is the right surgeon for my situation. Dr. Katzen was the clear choice because of how many before and after pictures he had, the number of great reviews, the questions and answers, the videos, and his credentials, I mean I can go on forever. I felt super confident in my decision and sure enough, he delivered. Dr. Katzen did a circumferential body lift and I could not be more pleased with the results and care I received from everyone. I am forever grateful for how Dr. Katzen transformed my body. My self-esteem and confidence have already improved by milestones.

N. RealSelf

El mejor  cirujano que he conocido .antes de el consultes varios para que me quitara silicone de mis glúteos,y nadie lo quiso hacer .mis respetos para Katzen ,para mi sin duda alguna .EL MEJOR!!!

F.T. Yelp

(Translated by Google) I am happy to be a patient of Dr. to be cats. I'm an aquafill victim. After my injection in Düsseldorf in 2017, I ran into problems very quickly. For several years I regularly took medication for pain and was afraid for my health and for my life. From the first minutes of meeting Dr. Katzen on I realized that he perfectly knows all the problems related to aquafilling.Before the operation I was worried, but my doctor approached me and reassured me, I went to the operating room with a smile . Everything went well and the result is better than I could have imagined. dr Katzen was very careful with my body, it looks like I have no gel. I am thin and you could see and feel aquafilling. This gel was in the layers of the skin, but now there is nothing there. Many thanks to dr. Katzen and his entire team (Original) Ich bin glücklich, Patientin von Dr. Katzen zu sein. Ich bin ein Aquafilling-Opfer. Nach meiner Spritze 2017 in Düsseldorf habe ich sehr schnell Probleme bekommen. Mehrere Jahre lang nahm ich regelmäßig Medikamente gegen Schmerzen und hatte Angst um meine Gesundheit und um mein Leben. Von den ersten Minuten des Treffens mit Dr. Katzen an wurde mir klar, dass er alle Probleme im Zusammenhang mit Aquafilling perfekt kennt.Vor der Operation war ich besorgt, aber mein Arzt kam auf mich zu und beruhigte mich, ich ging mit einem Lächeln in den Operationssaal . Alles hat gut geklappt und das Ergebnis ist besser als ich es mir hätte vorstellen können. Dr. Katzen war sehr vorsichtig mit meinem Körper, es sieht so aus, als hätte ich kein Gel. Ich bin dünn und Aquafilling war zu sehen und zu spüren. Dieses Gel war in den Hautschichten, aber jetzt ist dort nichts mehr. Vielen Dank an Dr. Katzen und sein gesamtes Team

?.?. Google


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who is a Candidate for CHEEK AUGMENTATION?

Ideal candidates for cheek augmentation are women or men who:

  • Would like better, fuller contours in their cheeks
  • Have age-related volume loss in their cheeks
  • Have naturally flat or hollow cheeks
  • Have lost a large amount of weight, causing deflated cheeks
  • Have asymmetry in their cheeks caused by genetics, a health condition, or an accident
  • Are in good general health

Dermal filler injections can be a good option for patients who want to avoid the time and expense of surgical implants. Since dermal filler injections are temporary, it can also help patients get a better idea of the amount of volume and lift they would like before receiving a long-lasting solution, like implants. Cheek implants are better for those who want their results to last for many years and are willing to commit time to recovery after surgery.

what to expect during CHEEK AUGMENTATION

Prior to your cheek augmentation, Dr. Katzen will perform a detailed assessment to decide on a customized treatment plan that is ideal for your unique cosmetic goals. During your initial consultation, you will select your treatment method: nonsurgical dermal fillers or surgical cheek implants.

Dermal fillers can be completed in our Beverly Hills, CA office as an outpatient procedure. On average, this technique takes about 20 – 30 minutes to complete. Before your treatment, the injection sites will be marked along the hollows of the cheeks. From there, the filler will be injected carefully at the selected sites and massaged to create an even fullness. You will be able to leave immediately following the procedure and continue your daily routine.

Surgical cheek augmentation is an outpatient procedure that is performed in an accredited facility since patients are usually put under with general anesthesia. Once you are prepped, small incisions will be created inside the gums so a pocket can be made over the cheekbone. Then, the implants will be securely placed and the incisions will be closed. Cheek implant surgery usually takes about an hour, and you will be released to a family member or friend to recover at home.

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how long is recovery after CHEEK AUGMENTATION?

Following dermal filler injections in the cheeks, the mid-face may feel tender and sore with minor swelling for about 3 – 5 days. Cold compresses and over-the-counter pain relievers can be used to lessen your discomfort. Optimal results are typically seen in 10 – 14 days. Continuous sessions will be required since fillers are a temporary option.

With surgical cheek augmentation, you will probably experience tightness, swelling, and bruising for around 1 – 2 weeks following your procedure. Vigorous activity that will put a strain on your facial muscles (like lifting weights) should be avoided for about 7 – 10 days. Optimal healing generally is achieved in about two months, but the results last for many years.

Get Full, Beautiful Cheeks

Do you have naturally thin, hollow cheeks? Have your cheeks lost their youthful contours after significant weight loss or aging? If either of these scenarios describes you, contact our Beverly Hills, CA office to schedule a consult with plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy Katzen and learn more about available options to build natural-looking volume in your cheeks. Whether you select surgical or nonsurgical means, you can improve your overall appearance with cheek augmentation.

What type of dermal fillers do you use for injections?

Our Beverly Hills, CA office offers a range of effective injectable dermal fillers for the purpose of adding volume to the mid-face and cheeks. The filler you receive for your nonsurgical cheek augmentation will depend on your needs, goals, and budget.

What if I have an asymmetrical face?

You would be surprised to hear that many people, even some models and celebrities, have asymmetrical faces. It's natural to think that not having a mirror-like reflection of both sides of your face is an abnormality. If you are concerned that your facial asymmetry is unattractive or that you do not have a balance to your overall facial appearance because of the volume or height of your cheekbones, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Katzen to have him assess your options. If you are considering a cheek implant or filler to make your cheekbones the same height or higher, call us today to schedule your appointment.

Can I have a fat grafting performed to fill in my cheeks?

Yes. In fact, Dr. Katzen employs advanced fat grafting techniques for the restoration of volume in the soft tissues of the face and around the orbits. Using your own fat can create a more youthful shape to the face. This method may even feel more natural to the touch than a synthetic implant or a temporary dermal filler. To determine if a fat grafting procedure is right for you, we recommend setting up an appointment with Dr. Katzen for an exam and consultation at our office in Beverly Hills, CA.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.