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What is a Capsular Contracture?

The presence of a foreign object (such as a saline or silicone breast implant) within the tissues of the human body triggers an automatic protective response from our immune system. This response involves the formation of a capsule around the unrecognized object (the breast implant) in order to prevent it from moving freely within the body. In general, capsule formation capsule is a normal, healthy immune response; however, if this capsule thickens or contracts, it squeezes the implant, causing it to harden, shift, distort in shape, and become painful and tender. This complication is known as capsular contracture, and it is the most common complication of breast augmentation procedures.

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What Are the Benefits of a Breast Capsulectomy?

If you have a capsule that has formed following breast implant surgery, it is nothing to panic over and can be resolved by Dr. J. Timothy Katzen at his Beverly Hills, CA facility. Benefits of a breast capsulectomy procedure include:

  • Fixing the pain or discomfort caused by the capsule
  • Removing scar tissue
  • Replacing a damaged implant
  • Relieving complications from implant surgery
  • A more even and natural chest appearance
  • Varied surgical and nonsurgical options to fit your symptoms and condition
  • Greater confidence and peace of mind

What to Expect After Breast Capsulectomy

Breast reconstruction surgery is performed in various stages. During certain phases, general anesthesia is often used. Some patients will require an overnight stay, depending on the current phase of treatment. Once the final step has been completed in the breast reconstruction process, you will wear a compression bra for the chest and you will be given medication by Dr. Katzen to control discomfort, swelling, and bleeding. Over time, the breast(s) will look normal so you can feel more confident. Ongoing monitoring with mammograms and breast examinations are crucial and recommended for your long-term health.

Reclaim Your Self-Confidence

While the breast reconstruction process can be lengthy, it is considered one of the most worthwhile cosmetic surgeries for many of our patients. This life-changing procedure can help decrease the emotional and physical impact of a mastectomy while also allowing you to boost your self-confidence and figure. If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, have had trauma to the chest, or were born with a defect that affects the shape of your breasts, we invite you to call our Beverly Hills, CA office and schedule your consultation with Dr. Timothy Katzen.

My experience with Dr. Katzen has been an extremely positive one. He performed breast reconstruction surgery on me because of prior breast cancer surgery, I had a ruptured implant and pain on the other side (from another doctor). Dr.Katzen replaced both implants so evenly they are 100% better and look prefect. You need that for your self confidence. I can't thank him enough for making me whole again. Also everyone on his staff has gone out of their way to fulfill my request and needs. I am sincerely grateful.

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I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Katzen! I had two surgeries performed by him. First, removal of raw silicone from my breasts. And secondly, breast reconstruction using Ideal Breast Implants. I can’t be happier! He is very knowledgeable with lots of experience and very professional in every way. He is the only one in the country who does raw silicone removal. It made me very comfortable using his services because he has a lot of pictures & videos of his surgeries and also, informational videos. So, you can see that he is a true expert in his area! Thank you Dr. Katzen for a wonderful work you do!

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Breast Capsulectomy Surgical Options

There are both surgical and non-surgical treatment options for capsular contracture, depending on the severity of the complication. The three most effective surgical procedures to treat capsular contracture include:

Capsulectomy: a procedure in which the entire “capsule” of scar tissue surrounding a breast implant is surgically removed

Capsulotomy: a procedure in which an incision is made in the capsule, in order to enable the capsule to expand and release its grip on the implant.

Capsulorrhaphy: also referred to as “pocket correction” or “internal bra procedure,” capsulorrhaphy involves using sutures to close a section of

About Breast Reconstruction

Surgical breast reconstruction is performed to restore the chest to a normal shape and size after a mastectomy or lumpectomy. This life-changing surgery is also an option for those who need to restore a breast damaged by trauma or a birth defect. Advanced techniques and tools in breast reconstruction surgery make it possible for you to feel complete and attain natural-looking breasts even after they have been removed. This surgery can involve several procedures at various stages to be performed at the same time as your cancer treatment or delayed until a later date. Plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy Katzen will create an individualized treatment plan and uses a compassionate approach as we work with you to restore your appearance and confidence at J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Beverly Hills.

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Am I A Candidate For Breast Capsulectomy?

Breast reconstruction is a highly personalized procedure. Every patient will have a thorough consultation with Dr. Katzen to create their treatment plan based on their needs, concerns, and options. If you are planning to have breast reconstruction surgery, it is vital that you have realistic expectations for the results of your surgery. While Dr. Katzen strives to create a natural appearance, your newly reconstructed breast(s) will not have the same sensations, feel, or look when compared to your original breast(s). You should get approval from your oncology doctor to have surgery and let Dr. Katzen know about any other factors that could potentially impact your healing.

How Is A Breast Capsulectomy Performed?

To perform breast reconstruction surgery, Dr. Katzen employs the TRAM flap technique. This method uses skin, fat, and muscle from your stomach to recreate the breast. The tissue used to create the new breast can be detached from the abdomen, or it may remain attached to the donor location, keeping the original blood supply. After a TRAM flap has been created, you can then decide whether you want to use a natural fat transfer or breast implants to create the volume and shape of the breast(s). Following your breast reconstruction surgery, you may want to improve their overall appearance with nipple and areola reconstruction. There are numerous ways to restore the nipple-areola complex so that it looks more attractive.

Will insurance cover my surgery?

The WHCRA (Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act) of 1998 requires insurance plans that cover mastectomies to also cover breast reconstruction surgery. If you have insurance, a member of our Beverly Hills, CA team will help you understand your policy and coverage. We will also help you submit any needed information and paperwork to your insurance.

What about nipple reconstruction?

Reconstruction of the nipple-areola complex is usually performed with cosmetic tattooing. If you are interested in having your nipple-areola complex tattooed onto your reconstructed breast(s), you should tell Dr. Katzen during your consultation. He will go over your options so you can decide if you want 3D tattooing of the nipple and areola to be a part of your treatment plan.

Should I have reconstruction with my mastectomy or wait?

The time you choose to have breast reconstruction will depend on several factors. Some patients choose to have their reconstruction performed at the same time as their mastectomy while some patients prefer to wait. Dr. Katzen recommends you schedule a consultation after your cancer diagnosis so you can begin learning about your options and when you may want reconstruction surgery. If you decide to have reconstruction at the same time as your mastectomy, Dr. Katzen can work with your oncologist to plan your surgery.

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