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What Are The Physical Changes After 360 Circumferential Lower Body Lift?

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen | 06/26/2020

Excess or hanging skin often prevents people from exercising or moving around. Learn about the benefits of body lift surgery and recovery time here.


Will A Medial Thigh Lift Get Rid Of Excess Thigh Fat?

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen | 06/19/2020

Discover how a medial thigh lift can eliminate stubborn thigh fat and remove sagging skin to give your legs a smoother, tighter, slimmer new shape!


Can Arm Lift Surgery Reduce My Bat Wings?

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen | 06/12/2020

Learn more about plastic surgery to remove bat wings and how a brachioplasty procedure can improve your appearance and eliminate flabby upper arms.


Meal Plan for Post-Op Body Lift (Sample Menu #8)

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen | 06/08/2020

Proper nutrition will help you to heal more quickly and to prevent infection after surgery. Here is a sample menu.


Meal Plan for Post-Op Body Lift (Sample Menu #7)

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen | 06/07/2020

Your body needs extra care in times of stress, and surgery is certainly considered stressful, both physically and emotionally. Here's our Sample Menu.


How Noticeable Will My Scars Be After A Tummy Tuck?

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen | 06/05/2020

Are you considering a tummy tuck but have concerns about scarring? Find out more about the procedure here, including what results you can expect.


Nutrition Plan for Post-Operative Body Lift (Sample Menu #6)

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen | 06/04/2020

Nutrition is always important, but particular attention needs to be given to your diet post-operatively.


Five Facts About 360 Circumferential Lower Body Lift Surgery

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen | 05/29/2020

After major weight loss, a belt lipectomy can reduce hanging skin around the midsection. Learn more about 360 lower body lift surgery and results.


Nutrition for Post-Operative Body Lift (Sample Menu #5) - Pescatarian Diet

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen | 05/26/2020

A pescatarian diet is one where a person avoids poultry and red meat. This diet may or may not consume eggs and milk products.


What to Eat after a Body Lift (Sample Menu #3) - For Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen | 05/24/2020

The following is a sample daily menu of 1700 calories and 100 grams protein.


How Long Is The Recovery Time After A Medial Thigh Lift?

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen | 05/22/2020

Make sure you are prepared for your thigh lift by knowing what to expect after the surgery, including when you’ll be able to resume normal activities.


Nutrition for Post-Briatric Surgery (Sample Menu #4) - Gluten Free

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen | 05/17/2020

The following is a daily sample menu containing approximately 1700 calories and 100 grams of protein.


I Lost Weight and Now Have Saggy Arms. Will An Arm Lift Help?

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen | 05/15/2020

Learn how this cosmetic procedure can improve the appearance of your upper arm area after weight loss and be the arm skin tightening help you need.


The Difference Between a Panniculectomy and a Tummy Tuck

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen | 05/14/2020

Read more in this article, as the difference between a tummy tuck and a panniculectomy is explained.


What to Eat After a 360 Circumferential Lower Body Lift if you are Vegan

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen | 05/09/2020

A sample menu for Vegans who have undergone 360 Circumferential Lower Body Lift surgery.


When Is It Safe To Exercise Again After A Tummy Tuck?

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen | 05/08/2020

Know what to expect during your tummy tuck recovery, including how long it may take for your body to be ready to resume a normal fitness routine.


What to Eat After Your Body Lift and other Plastic Surgery procedures


After any kind of surgery, you’ll need to increase your intake of healthy foods to heal. Here’s how to increase your protein and energy intake.


Nutritional Considerations When Preparing for Surgery

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen | 05/04/2020

Learn why nutrition is so important, especially when preparing for your surgery.


When Will My Flexibility Return Again After A 360 Circumferential Body Lift?

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen | 04/27/2020

Are you considering a 360 lower body lift? Learn more about what you can expect during recovery and when you may be able to resume certain activities.


Everything You Need to Know About Calf Implants

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen | 04/24/2020

Calf Implant surgery will not only make your calves more appealing, but will also improve your overall look. Here is everything we have to offer.


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