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Calf Augmentation in Beverly Hills, CA

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What is Calf Augmentation?

Genetics and medical conditions can lead to underdeveloped or asymmetrical calf muscles. Patients who have thin or shapeless legs often seek help at J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Beverly Hills with calf implant surgery. Here, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy Katzen performs calf surgery to create a muscular and more symmetrical lower leg. This treatment is very technical and is not typically offered at aesthetic practices, which is why our Beverly Hills, CA office is honored to be at the forefront of revolutionary cosmetic care by offering this procedure. If you are dealing with naturally deflated calves or desire a more defined calf appearance, contact our esteemed practice to schedule a consultation and learn more about this procedure.

What Are the Benefits of Calf Augmentation Surgery?

Benefits of a personalized calf augmentation surgery performed at J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Beverly Hills include:

  • Increasing the size of the calves
  • Adding definition to the lower leg
  • The potential for less downtime and pain than other plastic surgeries
  • Providing a new shape to the lower body without appearing overdone or fake
  • Balancing the look of the upper and lower legs
  • Evening out any imbalances between the right and left legs
  • Can be administered to treat birth defects or outcomes from trauma
  • Increasing confidence in your lower body

Who is a candidate for calf augmentation?

Calf augmentation surgery is usually a potential treatment option for individuals of all age groups. Ideal candidates for this procedure typically:

  • Wish for muscle definition in their lower legs
  • Have disproportionate legs
  • Have an illness or disease, like poliomyelitis or spina bifida
  • Suffered an injury or trauma that caused calf deformity

What to expect during calf augmentation

Calf augmentation employs the use of silicone implants of a variety of shapes and sizes to achieve the look you want. For some patients, only one implant is placed to improve asymmetrical calves. In other cases, two implants can be used in a single calf to create dramatic definition. During your consultation, Dr. Katzen will explain to you the benefits of each technique and establish an individualized treatment plan that is specific to your aesthetic goals.

One of two surgical techniques will likely be employed to perform calf augmentation: the submuscular or subfascial technique. When using the submuscular method, a pocket is created beneath the calf muscle where the implant is placed. Meanwhile, with the subfascial method, the implant is placed on top of the muscle in the fibrous tissue known as the fascia. Dr. Katzen will place small incisions within the creases of the legs behind the knee, and he will insert the implants using the method that best suits your situation. This surgery usually takes about an hour to perform as an outpatient procedure.

how long is recovery after calf augmentation?

Crutches will be required for about a week upon the conclusion of surgery. When lying down, the legs should be elevated to reduce swelling. Swelling and soreness are normal but should subside in the weeks that follow. Our Beverly Hills, CA practice will provide a stretching routine and specific aftercare instructions to optimize the healing process. The outcome of this surgery is shapelier, well-defined calf muscles that can last for many years.


Can women get calf implants?
Yes. At our Beverly Hills, CA practice, we often see female patients who desire calf surgery. The size, shape, and placement of a calf implant differ for women when compared to men so a more feminine look can be produced.

Do I have to have implants placed in both legs?
No. In fact, many patients arrive at J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Beverly Hills because their calves are asymmetrical. This can occur as a result of a congenital deformity, trauma, illness, or other events. To address the unbalanced look, Dr. Katzen can place implants in just one leg to create an even appearance. He could also place differently sized or shaped implants in each leg if you would like increased definition, as well as improved leg symmetry.

Are calf implants only aesthetic?
No. There is a range of conditions and illnesses that could contribute to calf deformity or asymmetry, such as spina bifida, poliomyelitis, a clubbed foot, or having a bow-legged stance. Calf enhancement surgery can treat the negative effects that these conditions have on the appearance of your legs.

Will I have visible scars?
For calf augmentation surgery, the most frequently used incision location is behind the knee within the natural fold of skin. Even though a scar may occur, the will be virtually unnoticeable once your incisions heal. In the case that your incision is placed under the front of the knee, this scar will generally be more visible but still concealed within the folds of the knee.

Greater Definition

Are your leg workouts at the gym producing the results you want? No matter how hard you work out, it still may not be enough to build the leg definition you want. To remedy this, Dr. Timothy Katzen offers consultations to patients who wish to improve the contour of their lower legs with calf implant surgery. Contact our office in Beverly Hills, CA for more information about how calf augmentation could benefit you.

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