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What is Torsoplasty?

Torsoplasty, which is a specific type of body lift, uses a combination of surgical procedures to address loose, excess skin of the torso. The procedure involves skin removal, and/or liposuction and is commonly performed following a large amount of weight loss. The primary goal of torsoplasty is to boost self-confidence and improve the appearance of the midsection. Dr. Timothy Katzen, a board-certified plastic surgeon, has extensive experience with procedures, such as torsoplasty, and looks forward to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. Schedule a consultation at J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Beverly Hills to learn more.

Who is a Candidate for TORSOPLASTY?

Candidates who benefit the most from torsoplasty are those who have experienced significant weight loss but have been left with excess skin that hangs loosely around the torso. In some cases, stubborn pockets of fat remain that can be removed using liposuction to help you achieve your desired shape. Dr. Katzen will use his extensive experience and skills as a weight loss surgery specialist to determine the right treatment plan for you and the procedures that should be combined for the best potential result. J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Beverly Hills offers many skin removal surgeries, and if the torsoplasty is not right for you, Dr. Katzen will help you understand your other surgical options. 

What to expect during Torsoplasty

Before your surgery is scheduled, Dr. Katzen will complete a full assessment and discuss your desired aesthetic goals. If the torsoplasty is determined to be the best option for you, Dr. Katzen will create your treatment plan by discussing the combination of procedures he believes will best serve you. Some patients need skin removal while others will need fat pockets around the abdomen and sides removed. In some cases, your procedures can be performed on the same day while other individuals may need 2 – 3 surgeries over a period of time. Dr. Katzen commonly performs one of two types of torsoplasty techniques, explained below:

Vertical torsoplasty During this surgery, an incision is made from the armpit to the top of the hipbone. Through this incision, skin and fat are removed and repositioned, then drains are placed before closing the wound. The primary benefit of this technique is that the scars can be hidden when your arms are at your sides. With this procedure, Dr. Katzen can often create an hourglass figure. The procedure takes approximately 2 – 4 hours.

Horizontal torsoplasty – During a horizontal torsoplasty, an incision is made across your back and fat and tissue are pulled upwards. Drains are placed before the incision is closed. The primary benefit of this procedure is that more skin can be removed than with the vertical technique; however, the scars on the back could be considered a disadvantage to some.

how long is recovery after TORSOPLASTY?

Torsoplasties are performed as outpatient procedures while the patient is under general anesthesia, administered by a licensed anesthesiologist. Surgical drains will need to remain in place for around ten days before being removed. Most patients are able to return to work around two weeks, but this varies among patients. Dr. Katzen and members of his team will explain in detail how best to care for yourself and your incisions following your procedure. It is important to allow yourself ample time to heal and recover. Your results will be well worth the time spent resting and recovering. 


Should I have a tummy tuck or torsoplasty?
During the tummy tuck surgery, patients' abdominal muscles are tightened to repair separations that can occur during pregnancy or weight loss. A torsoplasty focuses on removing excess fat and skin from the sides, torso/midsection, and back. The torsoplasty does not alter the structure of the abdominal muscles. Dr. Katzen performs both body contouring procedures and can help you determine which one is right for you during your consultation. 

How much does torsoplasty cost?
Because these surgeries are customized to the specific needs and body type of each individual patient, the cost of the procedure varies from one patient to the next. During your consultation and after your custom treatment plan is created, a member of Dr. Katzen's team can discuss the cost of the surgery with you and may be able to help you apply for medical financing. 

What if I gain or lose weight after my surgery? 
Individuals who are considering torsoplasty, or any other skin removal surgery, should be at a stable weight for 3 months. Small weight fluctuations in either direction will not affect the results of the procedure. However, large weight gains or losses can alter your newly achieved contours and should be avoided. Speak with Dr. Katzen about your current weight during your consultation to determine when your surgery should be scheduled. 

Learn More About Torsoplasty 

At J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Beverly Hills, we are proud to offer a comprehensive library of specialized surgeries that help our patients achieve their unique aesthetic goals. A torsoplasty is an excellent option for patients who are ready to take the last step toward their goal appearance by removing excess skin and fat from their torso. To learn more about the benefits of this and our many other body contouring procedures, schedule a consultation with Dr. Katzen.

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