Dr. Katzen on TV

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TLC, “The Real Skinny featuring Sarah H."

TLC, “The Real Skinny featuring Chris D.”

Discovery Channel, “The Incredible Shrinking Woman"

"Dr. Katzen Interviewed by General Alexander Haig”

KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas, “Enhance or Redefine Your Look"

TLC, My 600 Pound Life, “Pre Surgery Interview Before Body Lift with Dr. Katzen"

360 Me, “Male Skin Removal Surgery After Massive Weight Loss”

360 Me: “360 Body Lift after Losing 120 Pounds”

“Dr. Katzen Interviews with @PlasticSurgeryExperts”

“Real Self Interview with Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Katzen”

"The Naked Truth, Special Plastic Surgery Edition with Dr. Katzen"

Hulu, Impact, Season 1, Episode 9: “Killer Curves"

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by James Thompson | November 11, 2023