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What Is Thigh Lift Surgery?

Losing weight is an impressive accomplishment for anyone, but those who make it to their ideal weight occasionally are in need of one more step to finalize their accomplishment and appearance. Depending on how long you had extra weight and how much weight you lost, sagging skin may be a separate issue if the skin was not able to mold to the new size and shape of your body. The thighs are specifically an area of concern for a number of women and men. Plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy Katzen offers thigh lift surgery (also called thighplasty) at his practice in Beverly Hills, CA, which trims loose skin on the outer or inner thighs to reveal a firmer, more contoured appearance. Thighplasty surgery has risen in popularity because it provides natural results for patients who don't want hanging skin on the thighs.

What Are the Benefits of a Thigh Lift?

A personalized thigh lift surgery by Dr. Katzen in Beverly Hills, CA provides several benefits in order to revitalize the overall appearance of your legs, including:

  • Removal of unwanted, excess skin
  • Smoother results
  • Long-lasting outcomes
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Customized treatment plans
  • Less visibility of cellulite
  • Enhanced contour and shape of thighs
  • Boosted self-confidence
  • Reduced chafing and rubbing
  • Finallly being able to wear what you desire

Circumferential Body Lift and Medial Thigh Lift - A year and 8 months ago, I had gastric sleeve and was down 131 pounds. My body got smaller but I was draped in wrinkles. This is really common with weight loss patients so I was not shocked. I went on and found this site to be very educational. I found more information than I would ever need and it helped me make a very important decision about who my surgeon would be. Without a doubt, I narrowed my decision to Dr. Katzen and one other surgeon. I consulted with both surgeons and confidently chose Dr. Katzen after meeting them both in consultation.Dr. Katzen did my body lift and thigh lift and I highly recommend him.

D. RealSelf

I healed really well with excellent results - My sister and I both had gastric bypass surgery a while back. She started her reconstructive surgeries before me. She had a body lift, thigh lift, torsoplasty, arm lift, and breast lift with Dr. Timothy Katzen. I accompanied her to every appointment because I knew one day I would need a surgeon to reconstruct my body as well. I ended up having the same surgeries as my sister. We both healed really well with excellent results. There is no one we would trust our bodies to. Dr. Katzen is beyond amazing at what he does.

C.M. RealSelf

I recently had a CTT and Thigh lift with Dr. Katzen and Botox with Talia. I am in love with my results and couldn't be happier. Dr. Katzen and Talia are both amazing practitioners and I highly recommend both of them.

A.B. Google

Results are as good as some of the most high priced specialists in the city - Although this review is for Botox i need to give you a rundown on why i choose Dr Katzen I have always had an incredible experience with Dr Katzen. I have had a tummy tuck, breast lift, BBL plus both an arm lift and a thigh lift since 2017- and I’m not a massive weight loss patient. He's just that good. He Probably has more experience than anyone else in Los Angeles with these lift procedures This past summer wearing shorts for the first time in 20 years was truly life changing. Freeing. And tank tops without a “light sweater” on top to hide my arms when it’s 100 degrees outside- priceless. I wish i would have seen him sooner- like in my 20s- alas he wasn’t around yet :) . . So kind and patient and talented. Why i never turned to him for Botox and filler is a mystery. In November i got Botox from the very knowledgeable Talia in his office who is good at everything including post surgical care . Her results are as good as some of the most high priced specialists in the city. I’m also ready for my 2nd Mobius 8 session- great results. . He numbs us twice which really is necessary. He will always do what is necessary to keep you looking good and getting there as pain free as possible. . Great Dr. Great office.

B. RealSelf

A miracle worker - I look like an improved version of myself - If I could give 10 stars I would. Dr. Katzen is by far the best doctor I've ever encountered. His bedside manner is impeccable and he never made me feel rushed in my appointments with him, answering every question I had. I came to him to finish my weight loss transformation after losing 150 lbs resulting in a lot of excess skin. I had 2 rounds of surgery combining several procedures together; round 1 was lower body lift with muscle repair, neck lipo, and medial thigh lift and round 2 was arm lift with horizontal back lift, breast lift, and augmentation. It was a lot and recovery was intense but Katzen and his staff always made sure that I was well taken care of and supported every step of the way. My results are beyond anything I ever imagined Dr. Katzen truly is an artist but most importantly he didn't try to sell me on procedures I didn't need and he tailored my surgeries for the best results so I look like an improved version of myself and not lot a plastic doll off the assembly lot. I'm so grateful to Dr. Katzen and his amazing staff.

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Who Is a Candidate for a Thigh Lift?

A thigh lift is a skin removal and skin tightening procedure that improves the appearance of extra skin. Thighplasty is typically an after weight loss procedure. If you have excess or wrinkly skin on the upper thighs (either the inner or outer thighs or both), thigh lift surgery may be a big help. Please remember that if cellulite is your main problem, Dr. Katzen can suggest other procedures that are designed to help decrease the appearance of cellulite. Surgery is commonly performed on patients who:

  • Have lost 100 or more pounds
  • Are concerned about excess skin due to age or pregnancy
  • Are in good overall health
  • Are unhappy with the appearance of their skin
  • Have realistic expectations about cosmetic surgery
  • Are willing to follow postoperative instructions closely
  • Are committed to maintaining a stable weight after surgery

What to Expect During a Thigh Lift

During a thigh lift, general anesthesia is commonly administered. An incision is made close to the top portion of the thigh in the natural crease where the thigh attaches to the torso. This incision typically continues down to the midpoint of the thigh area. This allows enough room to use liposuction (if necessary) to remove isolated pockets of fat, as well as to trim all loose skin at the top thigh area. The remaining skin will then be pulled upward so it's tight and safely secured with sutures. In specific cases, an incision may be necessary for the outer thigh area or underneath the buttocks, depending on the amount of tissue being removed. This surgery at J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Beverly Hills reshapes the complete thigh area, leaving a shapelier, tighter, more contoured appearance.

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How Long Is Recovery After a Thigh Lift?

Thigh lift surgery takes an average of 2 – 3 hours to complete. After the surgery is over, you will be monitored and then sent home to begin your recovery. There is typically discomfort, bruising, and swelling during the first days of recovery. Within a few days, most patients are up and slowly walking, which is recommended for improved blood circulation and speedier healing. The full recovery period typically takes about 6 – 8 weeks. At-home wound care instructions provided by Dr. Katzen will help the incision(s) to heal well. Even though there will be some scarring, the new shape and contour of your thighs can help you raise your self-esteem, and you will finally be able to display your legs with pride.

Get Tighter, Toned Thighs

If you have extra skin on your inner or outer thighs that causes anxiety or embarrassment, we invite you to call J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Beverly Hills to learn more about thighplasty. It's common for patients to combine this procedure with other contouring procedures, especially surgeries that correct the lower body, including stomach surgery or a lower body lift, depending on your individual cosmetic goals. Schedule your consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Katzen and attain the slimmer appearance you desire.

Will a thigh lift remove cellulite or stretch marks?

A thigh lift is the best choice to slim the contour and improve the appearance of your legs. Since the procedure calls for skin tightening and correcting excessive fat, it can improve the appearance of cellulite or other skin irregularities (like stretch marks) on your thighs. If you are interested in addressing cellulite or stretch marks, let Dr. Katzen know during your consultation so he can adjust your surgical plan to suit your goals accordingly.

How long will my results last?

If you follow a healthy lifestyle that includes a proper diet and regular exercise, you should enjoy the results of your thigh lift for a long time. Dr. Katzen recommends you be at or near a healthy, sustainable weight before surgery so it is easy to maintain your results. Pregnancy or significant weight changes after a thighplasty can compromise your results. During your consultation, Dr. Katzen will give you advice on what you can do to make your surgical results last longer.

Can I combine a thigh lift with other surgeries?

You may consider combining a thigh lift with a tummy tuck or butt lift in a lower body lift. A thigh lift is also a common part of a mommy makeover or after weight loss surgery. During your consultation, talk to Dr. Katzen about all of your concerns and goals so he can create a treatment plan that gives you the results you want.

What about a nonsurgical thigh lift?

While there are nonsurgical options to reduce fat and tone your skin, they typically only produce small improvements. A thighplasty is the best way to address a moderate to severe amount of excess skin and stubborn pockets of fat on your legs. If you are interested in nonsurgical procedures, ask Dr. Katzen for more information during your consultation. He will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of surgical and nonsurgical thigh treatment options, as well as his opinion on which would be the best fit for your goals.

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