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Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation in Beverly Hills, CA

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what is laser Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Due to the negative effects caused by menopause, aging, and childbirth, the tissue and/or skin of the inner and outer vagina can become lax, causing functional difficulties. Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation at J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Beverly Hills utilizes our own custom proprietary laser to tighten the inside of the vagina and treat symptoms, like sexual dysfunction, vaginal dryness, and stress incontinence. Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation stimulates the growth of collagen, which in turn strengthens the vaginal skin's resilience and elasticity. This is an excellent noninvasive option to cosmetically improve the appearance of the vagina and to address potential medical conditions. To learn more about nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation, schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy Katzen at his office in Beverly Hills, CA.

am i a candidate for laser vaginal rejuvenation?

You could be a great candidate for nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation if you are interested in addressing vaginal issues or appearance, but you are not looking to receive cosmetic surgery. This procedure strengthens your vaginal canal, reverses urinary control, increases natural moisture and lubrication, decreases sexual discomfort, and enhances sexual arousal and climax. The procedure also provides dramatic results with no downtime. Most patients can return to their daily activities immediately following treatment.

how does laser vaginal rejuvenation work?

Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation can be performed in-office in around 30 minutes. No anesthesia is required for this service. To complete the procedure, a wand applicator will be maneuvered around the exterior of your labia and vulvar tissues. The handpiece may be inserted into your vagina as it emits controlled radiofrequency (RF) energy to the tissues and other internal structures to stimulate collagen, which tightens the area. The wand contains a built-in thermometer to adjust the temperature as needed to prevent burns or injury.

how long is recovery after laser vaginal rejuvenation?

A recovery period is not usually necessary following a nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure. You may return to your everyday activities upon the conclusion of the treatment. For optimal results, Dr. Katzen highly recommends three treatments in one-month intervals. Many of our patients notice results after the first or second session while some may not notice them for up to three months following the procedure. These results usually last up to 18 months, but annual follow-up treatments will help you retain them.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation FAQ

Does laser vaginal rejuvenation work?
Laser vaginal rejuvenation can be a great treatment option for improving vaginal laxity. Additionally, it can help with sexual dysfunction that may be the result of vaginal dryness, looseness, or other issues. It may also help provide aesthetic results. Many women are seeking out this innovative treatment for its optimal outcomes and minimal downtime afterward.

Does laser vaginal rejuvenation treat loose skin?
As a minimally invasive treatment option, laser vaginal rejuvenation may be suggested for women who want improved vaginal tightness within the vaginal walls. Life events such as childbirth, massive weight loss, or aging can put excess strain on the internal muscles and cause vaginal laxity, which can be improved with laser treatment.

What is the recovery from laser vaginal rejuvenation like?
Within your consultation, our team will discuss with you how many treatments it may take to obtain your desired outcome. There is typically no pain or downtime associated with laser vaginal rejuvenation. You should be able to return to your normal daily routine following your treatment; however, it is recommended to refrain from the use of tampons or engaging in sexual intercourse for a few days after for optimal healing.

Restore your Confidence

Laser vaginal rejuvenation is an incredible option if you want to counter some of the signs and symptoms that come along with menopause, childbirth, and aging. It can also improve the appearance of your vagina. To learn more about vaginal rejuvenation, contact our office at your earliest convenience.

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