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What Is A Forearm Reduction?

Excess skin and fat in the forearms are common complaints among Dr. Jeffrey Katzen’s Beverly Hills, CA patients. Typically, these men and women have lost massive amounts of weight or are experiencing normal signs of aging; especially patients who have significant radiation damage due to sun exposure.

A brachioplasty is the medical term for an arm lift or reduction. Usually, a brachioplasty refers to the upper arm lift or reduction. A forearm lift or reduction refers to a lift/reduction of the lower arm. Therefore, a forearm lift or reduction is also called a lower arm lift or reduction. In addition, some patients have previously undergone an upper arm lift procedures and desire balance in the appearance of their forearms and upper arms.

Dr. Katzen offers forearm reduction surgery for patients with excess fat and skin in the forearms. A forearm reduction can be combined with a brachioplasty for a more shapely appearance of the forearm and upper arm.

Are You a Candidate for a Forearm Reduction?

You may be a good candidate for forearm reduction surgery at J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Beverly Hills if you are in good physical health and at a stable weight. Often, Dr. Katzen recommends forearm reduction surgery for patients who have tried targeting the area in the gym but have not seen the desired results.

Maintaining a proper diet and a healthy exercise routine or undergoing bariatric surgery can help patients lose weight. However, stubborn pockets of fat often remain, and as you lose weight, excess skin can develop in the upper arms (also known as “batwings”) and forearms. Typically, a forearm reduction with or without a brachioplasty is the best way to address these issues.

Forearm reduction surgery is a specialized operation that aims to reshape and reduce the size of the forearms, creating a more balanced overall aesthetic and improving the patient's quality of life. The surgery offers significant benefits such as:

  • Improved proportionality
  • Increased comfort
  • Enhanced mobility
  • Boosted confidence
  • Tailored for personalized results
  • Corrected abnormalities

My experience with Dr. Timothy Katzen is wonderful. His surgical skills are top notch and he has great bedside manner. I have had 3 procedures with Dr. Katzen and happy with all three.

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Dr. Katzen is amazing. His knowledge and bedside banner area impeccable. He kept me informed every step of the way. His staff is just as impressive, they are patient and responsive 24hrs a day. He is great with the bariatric patient community, he knows how to get rid of our loose skin and hide all the scars. Thank you for all your help!

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My self-esteem and confidence have already improved by milestones - I normally don't write reviews but Dr. J Timothy Katzen and his team have gone above and beyond my expectations. I had gastric sleeve surgery and lost a total of 125 pounds. I kept convincing myself that I don't need plastic or reconstructive surgery. I figured I was healthy, and excess skin and fat is something I could live with. Boy was I wrong. Looking at my flabs and wrinkled skin was a bad reminder of my old obese self, the person I wanted to move on from. I had such low self-esteem when I was obese. I found Dr. J Timothy Katzen through Real Self and had no doubt he is the right surgeon for my situation. Dr. Katzen was the clear choice because of how many before and after pictures he had, the number of great reviews, the questions and answers, the videos, and his credentials, I mean I can go on forever. I felt super confident in my decision and sure enough, he delivered. Dr. Katzen did a circumferential body lift and I could not be more pleased with the results and care I received from everyone. I am forever grateful for how Dr. Katzen transformed my body. My self-esteem and confidence have already improved by milestones.

N. RealSelf

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How is a Forearm or Lower Arm Reduction Performed?

Dr. Katzen creates a personalized treatment plan for each patient based on their unique needs. For example, some patients only have excess forearm fat that needs to be excised; others may also have hanging skin. Dr. Katzen will perform a physical exam before your procedure and explain his techniques to achieve the desired look for your forearms.

If excess fat is the primary concern, Dr. Katzen performs liposuction to remove the fat. Liposuction involves making a small incision on the lateral portion of the wrist. Then, Dr. Katzen inserts a cannula and infiltrates the forearm with a tumescent solution to minimize bleeding and post-operative pain. The excess fat is suctioned out, and the incision is closed.

Dr. Katzen uses a slightly different approach in patients with excess fat and hanging skin. First, liposuction is used to remove excess forearm fat. Then, Dr. Katzen makes an incision extending from the outer portion of the wrist to the elbow. Bleeding is controlled through cauterization, and the excess skin is measured before removal.

Once Dr. Katzen has measured the area to be excised, the excess forearm skin is removed. Typically, the removed skin has an oblong shape, similar to the shape of an elongated football. The incision extends from the wrist to the elbow.

Finally, Dr. Katzen closes the incision by suturing the deeper fascia with multiple layers of absorbable sutures. The last step in forearm reduction surgery is closing the top layer of skin.

In this video, Dr. Katzen performs a forearm reduction for a patient with excess fat and hanging skin.

What Is Recovery from A Forearm Reduction Like?

After your forearm reduction, Dr. Katzen will instruct you to wear ace bandages on your forearms for about a week. After an incision check, you must wear ace bandages for an additional week or two, depending on your healing.

After the first two to three weeks, Dr. Katzen will have you wear compression garments on your arms for about six weeks — compression garments help by reducing swelling in your forearms and flattening the scar.

Patients undergoing arm lift procedures must elevate their arms and wear compression garments to minimize the swelling. If you undergo a combined forearm reduction and brachioplasty procedure, Dr. Katzen will further instruct you on the steps to support healing.

Additionally, Dr. Katzen will prescribe pain medication to control any discomfort. As you heal, you will be asked to avoid exercise, heavy lifting, or other strenuous activities. Dr. Katzen encourages taking short, frequent walks for exercise.

You may be able to return to all of your usual activities within eight to 10 weeks following your surgery.

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Can a Forearm Reduction be Combined with Other Procedures?

Many patients choose to combine plastic surgery procedures to minimize downtime. If you have more than one procedure in mind, Dr. Katzen will offer his recommendations for undergoing multiple surgeries simultaneously.

Typically, surgeries involving the upper portion of the body may be combined for most patients. Some procedures that can be done at the same time as a forearm reduction include:

Can I combine a forearm reduction with other cosmetic procedures?

Many patients choose to combine forearm reduction with an upper arm lift for a balanced appearance of both the upper and lower arms. Discussing your aesthetic goals with Dr. Katzen will help customize your treatment plan that addresses all your concerns.

How long does it take to see the final results of a forearm reduction?

The initial results of a forearm reduction can be observed immediately after the surgery; however, the final results will gradually emerge as the swelling and bruising subside. Typically, patients can expect to see the complete outcome of their forearm reduction within six months to a year post-operation. 

What are the risks associated with forearm reduction surgery?

As with any surgical procedure, forearm reduction carries certain risks and potential complications. These may include infection, bleeding, scarring, changes in skin sensation, and dissatisfaction with the aesthetic outcome. Dr. Katzen is committed to minimizing risks by using meticulous surgical techniques and providing comprehensive pre- and post-operative care. 

Schedule Your Initial Forearm Reduction Consultation Today

If you have excess skin and fat in your forearms, a forearm reduction may be the best solution to get the desired toned, sculpted look. Many patients are frustrated when they lose weight and do not have the final result they envisioned. Also, aging can take a toll on our appearance and leave us with stubborn fat deposits and hanging forearm skin.

Currently, Dr. Katzen is scheduling initial consultations for patients interested in forearm reduction. If you are also interested in a brachioplasty or other plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Katzen will discuss his recommendations during your initial consultation.

To schedule your initial consultation, please call (310) 859-7770.

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