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Silicone Removal From Lips in Beverly Hills, CA

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What is silicone removal from the lips?

Several safe and effective dermal fillers for the lips are available on the market today. However, choosing a cheaper option in the form of silicone injections can cause both aesthetic and health concerns. When injected into the lips, non-medical silicone can lead to a number of complications, including inflammation, scarring, infections, numbing, and even pain. Thankfully, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy Katzen offers silicone removal from the lips with the use of various techniques depending on your unique needs. Dr. Katzen may utilize ultrasound-guided VASER suction or a direct excision method to effectively remove the silicone and any necessary surrounding scar tissue. Silicone removal from the lips can be a difficult and tedious process which is why it is important to choose a skilled and qualified professional such as Dr. Katzen. To learn more about silicone removal, contact our Beverly Hills, CA today to schedule an initial consultation.

How is silicone removed from the lips?

Depending on the current state of your lips, Dr. Katzen will choose a silicone removal technique that is ideal for you. During ultrasound-guided VASER assisted silicone suction (UVASS), an ultrasound is performed in order to locate the silicone and a tumescent fluid is injected into the lips. This fluid helps to reduce swelling, provide anesthesia to the area, and allow for easier removal. Next, suction is used to remove the silicone and any surrounding scar tissue. 

If direct excision is required for removal, Dr. Katzen will start by making an incision around the area of silicone and scar tissue. Next, the scar tissue and silicone are excised and the remaining skin and tissues are sutured together. If needed, diseased or infected skin can also be removed during this process. 

Safe and Effective Silicone Removal From Lips

When silicone has been injected into the lips, it can lead to a number of issues, requiring effective removal. Dr. Timothy Katzen utilizes advanced techniques to remove silicone from the lips in addition to surrounding scar tissue. Contact our Beverly Hills, CA facility today to learn more about silicone removal from the lips and to schedule an initial consultation.

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