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This is a 30-year-old female who initially weighed 364 pounds. They underwent gastric bypass and lost 166 pounds. After the patient’s weight loss they developed significant rolls of skin and fat in their upper and lower abdomen, hips and buttocks. They also did not like the shape of their breasts. The patient had seen multiple plastic surgeons all of which said they would need a fleur-de-lis or combined vertical and horizontal abdominoplasty. The patient did not want the vertical scar and presented to Dr. Katzen for evaluation.  Dr. Katzen suggested a 360 Circumferential lower body lift. Their body lift was performed under general anesthesia and took approximately six hours. The procedure was performed on an outpatient basis with two days of postoperative monitoring. 18 pounds of excess skin and fat was removed. Several months later, the patient underwent an anchor mastopexy or breast lift. The patient is extremely happy with their results and that they did not need the vertical incision. 

Lower Body Lift Female #34

Before 360 lower body lift

After 360 lower body lift

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