Revealing a Smoother Back Post-Surgery after 170-pound weight loss*

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This is a 5’4” 140-pound Hispanic 48-year-old female. Her maximum weight was 310 pounds. This patient lost 170 pounds with gastric bypass, diet, and exercise. She was still unhappy with the extra skin and fat on her sides and back, though. She did a lot of studying online and found that Dr. J. Timothy Katzen in Beverly Hills, California, was an expert in reconstructive plastic surgery after losing a lot of weight. She chose to get help from Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. J. Timothy Katzen. Dr. Katzen and the patient talked about how the patient would have rolls of skin on her back if she only did back liposuction. Dr. Katzen conducted liposuction on her back and a vertical torsoplasty. The back liposuction took an hour and the vertical torsoplasty took three hours. Both procedures were done while the patient was completely asleep under anesthesia.   Two weeks after the surgery, the patient returned to her sitting job. She wore her compression garment for six weeks. The person used silicone strips and scar cream twice a day, starting in the fourth week. She is very pleased with how the back lift came out.  After her vertical torsoplasty, she can wear clothes that she couldn't before. She is now more confident after getting a back lift.  She is very pleased with how her back lift turned out, resulting in a flat, smooth back and torso. It's hard for her to believe how much better her general body shape, and especially her back, looks now. She is very happy.

Torsoplasty Backlift #9

Before vertical back lift

After vertical back lift

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