Redefining Back Post-Weight Loss of 120-Lbs with Back Lift Reduction Surgery*

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This is a 5’6” 180 pound White 22-year-old female Their maximum weight was 260 pounds. This patient lost 120 pounds with diet, and exercise. She had tried to lose more weight, but her back rolls just got worse. She went to see Dr. J. Timothy Katzen, a famous doctor in Beverly Hills, California, to find an answer. After a full medical exam, Dr. Katzen suggested a horizontal back lift and back liposuction. The whole process of changing the body took five hours. This new method successfully changed the shape of the back. It took her two weeks to go back to her desk job. She wore her compression suit for six weeks. She applied silicone cream and silicone strips to the incisions for nine months. Because she was dedicated to taking care of her incisions, her scars were barely noticeable. The back lift surgery made a huge difference in how she looked. It not only made her look very different, but it also made her feel better about herself. She now easily fits into clothes that seemed out of reach before. She loves having the freedom to show off her clothing style. This patient told us about her experience after surgery in her own words: "I am so happy with my new back. I am proud of my weight loss accomplishments and want to show off my new body." She was so glad about how the back surgery turned out that she could show off her improved confidence by wearing stylish, form-fitting clothes. She even referred family members for a back lift.

Torsoplasty Backlift #14

Before horizontal back lift

After horizontal back lift

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