Beverly Hills patient gets smaller thighs after medial thigh lift*

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This is a 58-year-old Caucasian female who weighed 305 pounds. She underwent RNY gastric surgery and lost 165 pounds. One of the areas that bothered her were her thighs. She elected for a thigh lift or thigh reduction. She consulted with Dr. Katzen and various thigh options were discussed. The decision was to undergo a longitudinal, vertical, medial thigh lift and reduction combined with thigh liposuction and removal of varicose veins. During the thigh lift/ reduction procedure, liposuction was done first. This was followed by an incision from the groin to the inner knee. During this procedure, multiple varicose veins were also removed. Tissue dissection was carried to the back of the thigh and a large elliptical area of inner thigh skin and fat was removed. Two drains were placed on each thigh. The drains were removed approximately two weeks after the procedure. The patient wore her compression garment for six weeks. Please note the significant improvement in the quality of her thigh or legs. Excess wrinkly thigh skin is now gone. Excess thigh fat is gone. Multiple varicose veins are permanently gone. Patient is now very happy with her thighs and is able to buy clothing off the rack and is able to exercise easier. She loves not having the thighs rub when she walks.

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