Lifted Back: A Weight Loss Journey's Reward after 170 pound weight loss*

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This is a 5’4” 200 pound White 28-year-old female. Her maximum weight was 370 pounds. This patient lost 170 pounds with RNY gastric bypass, diet, and exercise. In spite of her diligent efforts, the woman was still distressed by the extra skin and fat on her torso. With a firm resolve to find a solution, she engaged the services of Dr. J. Timothy Katzen, a specialist in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Katzen and the patient concurred that merely performing back liposuction would exacerbate the folds in her back skin. As a remedy, Dr. Katzen completed a horizontal torsoplasty along with liposuction, which successfully removed 6 pounds of superfluous skin and fat. To facilitate healing, drainage tubes were inserted on both sides. These were removed after a fortnight. She returned to her desk-bound profession after 3 weeks. She consistently wore a compression garment for a span of six weeks and attended to her surgical dressings daily during the initial two weeks after the back lift procedure. From the fourth week onwards, she applied silicone strips and scar treatment cream twice daily. The outcome of the horizontal torsoplasty delighted her, granting her the joy of wearing attire she previously could not, and vastly boosting her self-esteem by smoothing away the back rolls that had been a source of discomfort. She felt the back lift liberating because it allowed her to wear a new style of clothing and gave her courage to seek out social events she avoided previously.

Torsoplasty Backlift #1

Before horizontal back lift

After horizontal back lift

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