Back Rolls to Beauty: Smooth Back Post-Weight Loss Surgery and 140 pound lost*

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This is a 5’3” 160-pound White 48-year-old female.. Their maximum weight was 300 pounds. This patient lost 140 pounds with Lap band, diet, and exercise. Yet dissatisfaction lingered due to the persistent excess skin and fat on her back and sides. In pursuit of a solution, she turned to Dr. J. Timothy Katzen in Beverly Hills, California. Upon assessing her condition, Dr. Katzen and the patient concluded that back liposuction alone would leave undesirable back skin rolls. Consequently, Dr. Katzen opted to perform both vertical torsoplasty and back liposuction. The vertical torsoplasty spanned roughly five hours, with the liposuction adding an additional hour, all under general anesthesia provided by a skilled anesthesiologist. Drains were installed on either side to aid healing and were removed on the tenth day following surgery. The patient resumed her office job after two weeks, tended to her dressings for three weeks, and wore a compression garment for six weeks. Beginning in the fourth week, she diligently applied silicone strips and scar cream twice daily, continuing this regimen for six months. The outcome of her back lift has been incredibly positive, allowing her to wear clothes she previously could not and significantly boosting her confidence. She now harbors no insecurities about her body image. She is extremely satisfied with her vertical back lift results. She cannot believe the significant improvement in her overall shape and especially, her back.

Torsoplasty Backlift #2

Before vertical back lift

After vertical back lift

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