Back Rebirth: Back Lift Surgery Success after massive weight loss of 230 pounds*

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This is a 47-year-old White female. At her maximum, she weighed 395 pounds. She underwent a RNY gastric bypass and lost 230 pounds. She was unhappy with her back rolls after losing a significant amount of weight. She desired a flat back. Her struggle with remaining torso fat continued even after significant weight loss. In search of a solution, she conducted thorough research online and identified Dr. J. Timothy Katzen of Beverly Hills, California, as a leading specialist in reconstructive plastic surgery for cases like hers. After deciding to consult with Dr. Katzen, they both agreed that simply opting for back liposuction would lead to unsightly skin folds. Therefore, Dr. Katzen recommended and performed a horizontal torsoplasty in addition to the liposuction. The entire procedure was done under general anesthesia, with the torsoplasty taking four hours and the liposuction one hour. Drains were placed to aid healing and were removed after two weeks. The patient was able to go back to her desk job within three weeks, adhering to a strict regimen of wearing a compression garment for eight weeks and changing her dressing daily. After a month, she began applying silicone strips and scar cream twice daily for six months. The transformation has been profound, leaving her delighted with the backlift outcome. Now, she can wear clothing she once could not, and her self-confidence has been fully restored, thanks to the improvement in her back's appearance. She is very happy.

Torsoplasty Backlift #10

Before vertical back lift

After vertical back lift

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