Back Lift: Smooth Back and Turning Point After Weight Loss of 130-Lb*

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This is a 5’7” 280 pound White 42-year-old female. Her maximum weight was 410 pounds. This patient lost 130 pounds with gastric bypass, diet, and exercise. The extra skin and fat on her back and sides made her feel bad about herself, so she had tried to lose more weight. However, further weight loss only made her back rolls more prominent. Also, she was developing stubborn rashes within the rolls of her back skin. She was becoming frustrated and concerned. She went to Beverly Hills, California, to see Dr. J. Timothy Katzen, a well-known plastic surgeon, to get some help. Dr. Katzen specializes in back lift surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery after massive weight loss. Together with Dr. Katzen, the patient decided on back liposuction and a horizontal back lift. This procedure took six hours to complete. The back lift was successfully done under general anesthesia with an anesthesiologist. She had drains for 2 weeks. She took pain medication for about 5 days. She was ready to go back to her desk job after just two weeks. The next six weeks, she wore her compression garment. To minimize scarring, she used a silicone-based cream and applied silicone strips to the scar for one year. These treatments minimized scars. Her back lift and back liposuction completely changed her back shape. She is very pleased with how her back lift turned out. She no longer has back rolls. She no longer has that extra weight on her back either. She loves her back lift results.

Torsoplasty Backlift #18

Before horizontal back lift

After horizontal back lift

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