Back Roll Reinvention: Back Lift Pictures After Shedding 130 Pounds*

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This is a 5’5” 140 pound White 48-year-old female. Her maximum weight was 270 pounds. This patient lost 130 pounds with diet, and exercise. This patient opted for a transformative back lift surgery, also known as torsoplasty, to achieve their desired results. The procedure was conducted under the supervision of an experienced anesthesiologist and took approximately five hours to complete. After just three weeks, the patient was able to resume their sedentary job, showcasing the relatively swift recovery process associated with this procedure. To optimize the healing process and minimize scarring, silicone strips and silicone cream were applied to the incision site approximately two months post-surgery, continuing for a duration of about six months. This proactive approach to post-operative care can lead to excellent cosmetic results and enhanced patient satisfaction. The patient is overjoyed with the outcomes of the back lift surgery. Their long-standing desire for a smooth, flat back, particularly after significant weight loss, has been fulfilled. This transformation has not only boosted their self-confidence but also opened up opportunities to wear new styles of clothing and form-fitting outfits that beautifully accentuate their physique. In summary, the patient's decision to undergo the back lift procedure has resulted in a remarkable transformation, greatly enhancing their overall quality of life and self-esteem.

Torsoplasty Backlift #31

Before vertical back lift

After vertical back lift

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