Achieving a Flat Back with Back Lift: Success After 106 lbs Weight Loss Journey*

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This is a 5’4” 155 pound White 48-year-old female . Her maximum weight was 261 pounds. This patient lost 106 pounds with RNY gastric bypass, diet, and exercise. Achieving a significant milestone with a 106-pound weight loss, she still faced dissatisfaction due to residual skin and fat on her back and sides. In pursuit of a solution, she discovered Dr. J. Timothy Katzen, a prominent Beverly Hills plasurgeon specializing in back lift procedures post-significant weight loss. Dr. Katzen, recognized for his reconstructive plastic surgery expertise, was her choice for a transformative back lift. Concerned about scarring, she and Dr. Katzen considered her options, agreeing that back liposuction alone would lead to undesirable skin rolls. They decided on a combined approach of vertical torsoplasty and back liposuction. The patient was able to resume her desk job just two weeks following her back lift surgery. For optimal recovery, she diligently wore a compression garment for six weeks and began using scar cream and silicone strips in the fourth week, continuing this regimen for six months. The results of her back lift exceeded expectations. She now revels in a newfound ability to wear clothing previously unsuitable, thanks to the vertical torsoplasty. Her back lift has not only smoothed her back but also boosted her body confidence. She is overjoyed with the dramatic enhancement of her body shape, especially her back, after the back lift surgery.

Torsoplasty Backlift #33

Before vertical back lift

After vertical back lift

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