Remarkable Transformation: Post-Weight Loss of 105-Lbs Patient Has Back Lift*

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This is a 5’3” 150 pound White 48-year-old female. Her maximum weight was 260 pounds. This patient lost 105 pounds with RNY gastric bypass, diet, and exercise. Achieving an impressive weight loss of 105 pounds was a milestone, yet she found herself dissatisfied with the lingering excess skin and fat on her back. In pursuit of an expert, she discovered Dr. J. Timothy Katzen, a Beverly Hills specialist renowned for back lift procedures following significant weight loss. To avoid the unsightly scars of traditional methods, she opted for a consultation with Dr. Katzen. Together, they concluded that mere back liposuction would lead to back skin rolls, so they decided on a vertical torsoplasty in combination with back liposuction. The meticulous surgery was performed under the watchful eye of an anesthesiologist. The vertical back lift took five hours. During surgery, drains were placed and removed after two weeks. She a swift recovery that saw her returning to work in a fortnight. Adhering to post-operative care, she diligently used scar cream and silicone strips from the fourth week for six months. The results of her back lift surpassed expectations, granting her the freedom to wear previously ill-fitting clothing and instilling newfound body confidence. She is ecstatic with her smoother, reshaped back, and the dramatic enhancement of her overall physique is a testament to the success of her back lift surgery. This patient is very satisfied with her vertical back lift.

Torsoplasty Backlift #34

Before vertical back lift

After vertical back lift

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