Revamped Back: Back Lift Surgery Post-Diet and Sleeve and losing 130 lbs.*

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This is a 5’5” 160 pound Hispanic 38-year-old female male. Their maximum weight was 260 pounds. This patient lost 130 pounds with vertical gastric sleeve, diet, and exercise. She interviewed and consulted with many plastic surgeons and chose Dr. Katzen. To perform her back surgery, she chose Dr. J. Timothy Katzen, a plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills, California. Her back was examined by Dr. Katzen. Dr. Katzen and the patient reached the consensus that back liposuction alone would result in the patient developing folds of skin on the back. The patient elected for back liposuction and horizontal torsoplasty. The duration of the horizontal torsoplasty was approximately 5 hours, while the back liposuction was completed in 1 hour. Both procedures were under general anesthesia. Two drains were placed. Dr. Katzen removed 5 lbs. of excess fat and skin from her back. Both back drains were extracted on the tenth day following the operation. After two weeks of recovery from surgery, the patient resumed her seated position at work. The patient wore her compression garment for six weeks and changed her dressings daily every three weeks. She is ecstatic with the outcomes of the back lift. Due to the horizontal torsoplasty and back liposuction procedures, she can now don garments that were previously too small for her. Her confidence has been restored by her back lift, and she is no longer self-conscious about her physique. She is happy with her back lift results.

Torsoplasty Backlift #39

Before horizontal back lift

After horizontal back lift

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