Massive weight loss patient undergoes back lift with exceptional results.*

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The patient is a 5'4" 235lbs. 42-year-old Black woman who was extremely obese, weighing 350lbs. After she had the RNY gastric bypass, she changed her eating and exercise patterns, and she was able to lose 115 pounds. After losing a lot of weight, she was unhappy with the extra skin and fat on her entire back. She decided to get help from Dr. J. Timothy Katzen in Beverly Hills, California. The patient and Dr. Katzen agreed that in the event of back liposuction alone, the patient would grow deeper folds of skin on the back. Dr. Katzen did a horizontal torsoplasty in addition to liposuction on the back. Seven pounds of extra skin and fat were cut off during the horizontal torsoplasty. A drain was tucked in on both sides. Both back drains were taken out seventeen days after surgery. Two weeks after surgery, the patient was able to go back to her job. This patient used her compression device for eight weeks. She changed her bandage every day for two weeks. After two months, the patient put on silicone strips and scar cream twice daily. This patient is delighted with the results of her horizontal torsoplasty. Not only do her old clothes fit better, but her backlift has made it possible for her to wear smaller clothes that she couldn't before. With her back rolls gone, her back lift has made her feel better about herself again. She is able to return to the gym and exercise in skinny tank tops and other tight-fitting clothing. This patient is so happy she underwent the backlift.

Torsoplasty Backlift #40

Before horizontal back lift

After horizontal back lift

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