Unveiling New Back: Post-Lift Transformation after 100-pound weight loss*

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This patient is 38 years old, 5'3”, 150 pounds, Black female. At her maximum, she weighed 250 pounds. She had RNY gastric bypass surgery and lost 100 pounds. She was concerned about how her upper and middle back looked after her massive weight loss. After extensive research about backlift surgery, she selected Dr. J. Timothy Katzen in Beverly Hills, CA to perform her backlift. She didn't want a scar down the middle of her back. She chose a vertical torsoplasty instead of a horizontal one. She chose the vertical torsoplasty lift over the horizontal back lift because she could hide the scar better with the vertical torsoplasty. The vertical torsoplasty is meant to eliminate extra skin and fat from the side of the chest and the upper and middle third of the back. One good thing about the vertical torsoplasty is that the scar can be hidden when you put your arms at your sides. The vertical torsoplasty was done at the same time as a back-liposuction surgery. General anesthesia was used for the five-hour vertical torsoplasty and back liposuction. For a vertical torsoplasty, the length of the cut changes from person to person. The scar is shorter for some people and longer for others. Ten days after the surgery, she returned to work. The person is very pleased with their flat back and the permanent elimination of back skin rolls. The patient is satisfied that her back rolls are gone and that she can wear certain clothing that was impossible to wear before her backlift.

Torsoplasty Backlift #41

Before vertical back lift

After vertical back lift

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