Back Lift Results: Beyond Weight Loss. Patient gets a New Back after 30lbs loss*

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This White female patient weighed 180 pounds and was 38 years old. She dropped 30 pounds. After losing weight, she didn't like the extra skin and fat on her sides and back. She considered many doctors and chose Dr. J. Timothy Katzen in Beverly Hills, California, to treat her back skin and fat. Dr. Katzen performed liposuction on the back, along with a horizontal torsoplasty. a horizontal torsoplasty is also called an upper back lift, bra lift, bra strap lift, brastraplasty, and braplasty. The backlift surgery took four hours to shape my chest, and removing fat from my back took one hour. The patient was sound asleep for the entire procedure. A board-certified anesthesiologist gave the sedation. Four pounds of back skin and fat were removed. On each side, a drain was put in. Twelve days after surgery, both back drains were taken out. Two weeks after surgery, this person went back to her sitting job. This patient wore her compression garment for eight weeks. She was very excited about her backlift results. After the horizontal torsoplasty, she could wear clothes she couldn't wear before the backlift. She doesn't worry about her back much now after her backlift. She wears clothing that shows off her smaller back. This patient is very happy after getting a back lift, and the surgery made her back look much better. Her back skin and rolls are gone for good. This patient is more confident about herself and her body. She is no longer self-concerned about her back.

Torsoplasty Backlift #45

Before horizontal back lift

After horizontal back lift

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