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J Timothy K.:

Hello. It's Dr. Katzen, and today, we're going to talk about scars. The best treatment I've found for scars is this stuff called BioCorneum. The reason I like it is because it has the most important active ingredient for scars, silicone. The nice thing about it too is it's very breathable. You can put it on scars, and it also has an SPF factor, which protects you from the sun, which can cause aggravated scarring, redness in the scarring, and can cause hypotrophic scarring. So I really think this is the best. It's nice because it's breathable, it's moldable, and you can apply it directly on your scar. I would suggest using it twice a day, in the morning and at night, and it allows the scar to heal on its own.

There's a lot of research being done on how BioCorneum works. We think BioCorneum works because it's providing hydration to the scar. Once water is provided to the scarring, it allows collagen to break down and change from one type of collagen to another and therefore, provide a better scar for you. It's done by sealing in water and also moisturizing the wound. Also, there's some active ingredient in silicone which helps scars flatten, smooth out, and gets rid of the red, purple appearance to the scar.

I often get asked by patients, "When can we start scar treatment?" And I would suggest you check with your plastic surgeon because each plastic surgeon has their different regimen on when to start scar creams and what to use and how long to use it for. Typically, I use this product called BioCorneum. It's a silicone-based cream. And typically, I wait until all the scabs have fallen off and all the wounds have healed. We have about two years to influence a scar with scar treatment.

So typically, I wait until all the scabs have fallen off, and then we apply this cream, this BioCorneum, twice a day. I apply it in the morning, and I apply it at night for my patients. And typically, we continue this BioCorneum for about six months. It allows the wounds to be rehydrated with the BioCorneum and allows the collagen to change types, leading to a much smoother scar. And by allowing this BioCorneum to be used for about six months, that allows enough time for that scar to mature.

Since this product is so good, I get many calls for the product. So if you're having problems finding the product, give my office a call and we can either link you up with the product or tell your plastic surgeon how to get this BioCorneum.

What you want to do is you want to squirt a little area, about the size of maybe a small pea, on your finger. And you'll want to use that and just put it on the scar, and then go about two or three inches this way and about two or three inches that way. So one little area you can cover with just a little tiny squirt. Should be about four to five inches. Now we come over here and come across like that and get another four to five inches. And then what we'll do is just have you rotate around there. Another little squirt, couple inches that way, couple inches that way. Do this twice a day. Use it in the morning and then use it at night. Okay. Have you turn a little bit more.

And it feels a little greasy at first, but then it dries and you can get a nice film on this entire area. Okay. Little more. And then we're back to where we started, all right? So use that about twice a day, morning and night, and just let that dry out, and it forms a nice little film on there. And the key ingredient to this is the silicone that it delivers. And it leads to a nice flat scar, and it should have minimal pigmentation. And I would use this for about six to maybe eight months, and call me at the office for more. It's called BioCorneum, and we'll talk to you soon.

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