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Speaker 1:

So today we're doing breast augmentation and Vaser hi-def 4-D, four dimension, to the abdomen, and superior iliac crest, and buttocks. So, what I'm going to do, is I'm going to make an incision underneath the breast here.

Good morning, so today what we're going to be doing is breast augmentation, and then Vaser hi-def of the abdomen, superior iliac crest, and lower back. So first of all, we're going to be doing a hi-def Vaser lipo to this patient's abdomen, sculpting out her abdomen. She wants sort of a rock hard, athletic look, and so basically I'm going to sculpt out this line, right in here, okay. I'm going to sculpt out the semilunaris lines on the side. I'll pull right in there.

Speaker 2:

Just like you're going back to the [inaudible]

Speaker 1:

Sculpt out the semilunaris muscles here, and then I'm also going to come in with the transverse inscriptions right in there, and sculpt our her six pack, right in there, to give her a really defined abdomen. I'm also going to get rid of a lot of the fat on the lower portion here, and also sculpt out the waist line in here to give her more of an hourglass.

Then we're going to continue that on the back, and I'm going to come to the breast and make an incision, a very small incision underneath the breast there, to slip in our implants right up into there.

She wants to go up to about a 300 cc implant. Underneath the muscle is silicone, so I think that'll give her a nice rounded out shape. So, let's go to the OR, I'll show you how I do it.

So this patient has a pretty slim build, but she really wants an athletic build. So she's eaten right, she's exercised, but she hasn't really gotten that definition to her abdominal wall. So what we're doing here today is we're taking out some of the fat, but sculpting out really the muscles that are underneath it. So we're going to give her this sculpted six-pack abdomen that's really athletic, hard-core look, that's what she's looking for.

So you can see right now, she doesn't have much definition at all, so now we're going to go in and sculpt out the fat, and sculpt around the muscles to really accentuate this anterior abdominal wall, and sort of the sides and love handles.

So now basically, inside the Vasers, using sound energy to [inaudible] and break all those fat cells apart. And the nice thing it's doing too, is it's heating the skin from underneath, and causing skin contracture. So it does two things here, and each is beneficial when you're trying to define these anterior abdominal walls. So I think it's really the best device to sculpt and etch out the anterior abdominal wall.

So I've done the Vaser on the anterior abdominal wall, now that melted all the fat, and heated up the skin, but now I've got to suck out the fat. So I like to use this Microaire Pal, basically P, A, L, power assisted liposuction, and the great thing about this is the... see it vibrates there, and it leads to a better fat yield. So by doing that, by vibrating inside, it gets even more fat out. So, I'm just going to come in here, and chisel away at this fat for a while, and then we'll help define all these abdominal muscles here underneath.

So I've been attacking this quadrant right in here, okay, lower rectus abdominis muscles, and the semilunaris muscles right in here, sculpting out this little concavity here. People really like this when they're wearing, like, a bikini. They like this little fold, this empty space right in here.

And you can see this other side, still [inaudible] undefined, bulky, jiggly. Here, it's pretty tight. Here we just have skin right on top of muscle. There's no fat left. Here, we have a pretty good amount of fat left. So, this is my target, and we'll sculpt this outside to match the sides up. So now I'm going to work on this upper portion here, and then come over to the other side.

So I finished the lower quadrant, and the upper quadrant on this side, and you can her muscles now starting to pop through. It's got the rectis in here, the semilunaris muscle right in there, the semilunaris line right in there. You can see her obliques, and her serratus sort of coming in here. So this is nothing but skin on muscle, skin on muscle. No fat left. And then last, we're going to come in and do these transverse insertions to give her a nice six pack. But basically from here up, there's no fat left.

At this time, we're going to come to the other side.

So now I've just completed this half of her body, lower and upper, and you can see nice sculpted out rectus abdominis muscles, semilunaris muscles, and the external obliques creeping in here, so nice defined.

It's already starting to swell... so here nice and defined. So now I'm going to define this midline here, right in here, linea alba, through this port here. Then we're going to define then the transverse inscriptions.

So we've outlined the muscle on the outside of the semilunaris. We've done this linea alba in the middle, and now we're going to do this transverse inscriptions, one, two, and three.

Speaker 3:

Like, no time for [inaudible], harder than the day I work out.

Speaker 1:

So I've done the semilunaris muscle, the linea alba muscles, and the transverse inscriptions, and you can see she has a very athletic, muscular abdomen now, and a rippled six pack here, super flat tummy, basically no fat on her at all.

Okay, so now I'm just going to go and work on her sides, her love handles, and we'll go from there.

We've sculpted out her, linea semilunaris on the sides, the linea alba here in the middle, the transverse inscriptions. Once the swelling goes down, she'll have a really hot body. Everything is nice and tight. There's no fat left, nice flat tummy, much more defined, athletic shape now.

Now we're going to go ahead and tip her over on her sides, and do the love handles, and the back side.

So basically she has a very boxy shape, just cause from her ribs down to her hips, she has no definition in here. It's pretty much flat. So basically I'm in here with the Vader, melting the fat away, and then we're going to come in and clean up all of the fat with regular liposuction, and give her an hourglass shape, and get rid of this box in here. Get rid of all of this excess fat.

So basically we've sculpted out this hourglass for her. You can see there's no fat in here. There's a nice shape now, a nice indentation right in here. So we're done here with the hourglassing.

So now you can see post-op here, she has a nice, defined linea alba right in the middle here. She's got two, four, six pack in there. She's got the semilunaris lines. There's already swelling up because of the nature of the surgery, so once all the swelling goes down, she'll have a nice, ripped abdomen, nice athletic look, and now we'll go on and do the breast augmentation.

So this is a piece of butter. Butter is sort of like fat. This is our Vaser Pro, okay, it's at 60 percent. And these are the little rings on the side that are going to emit energy. So what I'm going to do is, I'm going to put the Vaser Pro inside the butter, like so, and now I'm going to turn the Vaser on. Are we on?

I'm going to turn it on, and you can hear it. And then as this is going down, you see how the butter is melting at the side there? And then I'm going to insert this Pro, you can see, see how it kind of just melts through the butter, and the butter is analogous to the fat. So that's what it's doing inside. It's just emulsifying the fat. So inside, that's what it does, it just melts the fat away right in front of your eyes.

It's kind of hypnotizing, huh? Going to come over here. You can see that, boom, have [inaudible]. All right, so that's what the Vaser Pro does. All right.