10 Tips to Speed Up Your Rhinoplasty Recovery

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen


"You are required to follow some post-op instructions to speed up your rhinoplasty recovery and ensure that you will be achieving the best outcome."

You may be eager to see the results of your rhinoplasty surgery right away. Still, it takes time to achieve a fuller recovery. The average recovery time of rhinoplasty surgery is one year. One must know that everyone heals differently. If you follow your plastic surgeon’s advice, the recovery process is quite manageable. During the healing process, there are some steps that you need to follow to achieve a faster and easier recovery.

Rhinoplasty surgery in Beverly Hills, CA, Las Vegas, NV, and Dubai, UAE is a very popular option among prospective patients who want to improve the appearance of their nose and perhaps ability to breathe.

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen, M.D., a most reputed and globally recognized plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA, highlights some important post-op instructions:

1. Listen to your plastic surgeon.

You could read hundreds of articles regarding rhinoplasty recovery. Still, nothing compares to the instruction you will get from your plastic surgeon. You need to follow those instructions and note what medication should be taken at what time. Follow-up appointments are essential and must not be missed.

2. Minimize nasal swelling.

It is advised to take care of your treated areas with the instructions given by your plastic surgeon. Dr. J. Timothy Katzen suggests using a flexible ice pack or cooling pad to reduce the swelling and puffiness around the nose. This is extremely important during the first few days post- procedure. Ice packs allow your nose to heal more quickly.

3. Listen to your body.

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen will be able to see how your rhinoplasty recovery is going from outside, but only you know how you are feeling. Therefore, it is essential to monitor your progress and schedule a follow-up session if you feel even minor discomfort.

4. Stay away from anti-inflammatory medications.

Anti-inflammatory medications can cause increased blood flow, and bleeding, which hinder the healing process. Thus, it is important to avoid using anti-inflammatory medication during the recovery period.

5. Do not take painkillers without the approval of your plastic surgeon.

After rhinoplasty surgery, you will experience some pain and swelling. Therefore, most patients take painkillers to reduce discomfort, as suggested by the plastic surgeon. The dosage of medications will be specific; otherwise, they can hinder the recovery process. Therefore, follow your plastic surgeon’s advice regarding any medications for a rhinoplasty.

6. Get plenty of rest.

Rest after rhinoplasty surgery is a vital part of the recovery process. Your body uses energy to heal properly; moreover, getting a sound seven to eight hours of sleep each night is necessary to restore that energy.

7. Keep your head elevated.

Sleeping on your side is not advisable during the healing period after a nose job- it can prolong the recovery process by causing additional bruising and swelling. You should keep your head elevated at night for six weeks following surgery to avoid unwanted discomforts. It is good to prop your head on two to three pillows, or you can use a recliner.

8. Do not blow your nose.

You may feel congestion after rhinoplasty surgery for a few weeks, maybe even a few months. Swollen nasal tissues usually cause congestion. Dr. Katzen advises you to resist the urge to blow your nose. Instead, it is essential to get informed about using a nasal spray to moisturize your nasal passage until the swelling goes down gently.

9. Do not smoke.

Smoking can hinder the healing process, as nicotine in tobacco products limits blood flow. The limited blood flow makes it more difficult for your body to heal. Thus, smoking should be avoided both before and after any surgery.

10. Follow-ups are important.

You will be scheduled for follow-up visits with Dr. J. Timothy Katzen after rhinoplasty surgery to ensure that the recovery process is smooth and you are recovering well. During the follow-up visits, Dr. Katzen will evaluate your condition to ensure that all is proceeding as it should, and bandages and splints are appropriately removed if necessary.


Summing up, it is mandatory to follow instructions given by your plastic surgeon to heal smoothly after a nose job. In addition, the post-op instructions are vital to achieving optimal final results. If you follow the post-op instructions carefully, there will be fewer chances of infection, injury, or other non-optimum situations to occur.

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