360 Circumferential Body Lift Works for Men and Women


360 circumferential body lift is a circumferential body lift suitable for both men and women. Numerous individuals have been able to successfully lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time with exercise and a healthy diet or bariatric surgery. In many cases this results in a substantial amount of loose and hanging skin. Excess skin is frustrating from an aesthetic point of view, often leads to numerous hygiene challenges and makes it extremely difficult to find clothes that fit properly. A large quantity of hanging skin can also negatively impact your emotional state because of the effort they have put into losing the weight.

The lower body lift is often called the 360 circumferential body lift. A body lift is a surgery created to contour the body and as a treatment for the correction of extra skin. A body lift ensures the person can enjoy the actual results of all the weight they have lost. The procedure is both complicated and extensive with a high level of surgical proficiency and experience necessary. The body lift surgery should be performed by an experienced, plastic surgeon, such as Dr. J. Timothy Katzen. The technique used by Dr. Katzen will impact the result of the body lift surgery. In most cases, the individual is thrilled with the way their body looks once the hanging skin has been eliminated.

360 Circumferential Body Lift Procedure

The procedure is customized by Dr. Katzen for each individual patient to help ensure the final result meets the specific aesthetic goals and needs of each person. The incision goes from the abdomen to the buttock, like a belt. During the body lift surgery, the rectus muscles are tightened by Dr. Katzen. Once this has been done, the excess of skin and fat of the abdomen, hips, and buttocks can be removed to reveal a much smoother and more toned body shape. In addition to the midsection being tightened, the lift can be used to remove love handles and saddlebags or lift the buttocks and the outer thighs. The time required for the surgery depends on the specific details of the lift being performed. Some lift surgeries are more extensive than others. In some cases, the surgery is medically necessary to help ensure the health of the individual. One of the most important factors regarding successful recovery after the 360 circumferential body lift surgery is to make sure you are adequately prepared to have the surgery.

Dr. Katzen will talk with you in detail about the preparation required for a fast and safe recovery process. These steps must be followed because they are critical for a successful outcome. If you are interested in learning more about the 360 body lift from Dr. Katzen, or finding out if you are a good candidate for this procedure, please contact Dr. Katzen today to schedule your personal consultation! Dr. Katzen has offices conveniently located in Beverly Hills, CA and Las Vegas, NV.

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