Five Benefits Of Arm Lift Surgery

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen


For many men and women, there is no greater feeling of victory than losing an exceptional amount of weight and finally achieving the body they’ve wanted for so many years. Unfortunately, this excitement and sense of accomplishment are often diluted because excess, sagging skin remains despite the weight loss. One of the most frustrating areas that weight loss patients develop is excess skin on their upper arms. This “batwing” effect can make it challenging to exercise comfortably, and embarrassing to wear individual styles of clothing. Fortunately, skin removal surgery offers weight loss patients a life-changing opportunity to rid themselves of excess, hanging skin, and finally, enjoy the results of all of their hard work.

plastic surgeon, Dr. Timothy Katzen, is internationally recognized for his innovative skin removal techniques and exceptional arm reduction surgery after weight loss. Learn more here about the exciting ways arm lift surgery can benefit you.

What is a brachioplasty?

Commonly known as arm lift surgery, brachioplasty is a cosmetic skin removal procedure designed to eliminate loose, saggy arm skin and produce slimmer, more natural-looking contour. Arm lift surgery in Beverly Hills is extremely popular among weight loss patients. However, a brachioplasty is also performed for men and women who have developed loose arm skin due to aging, pregnancy, or other factors.

What are the benefits of arm lift surgery?

Undoubtedly, most patients seek brachioplasty for the primary purpose of excess arm skin removal. However, there are a variety of additional benefits – both physical and psychological – to be gained from the procedure. Five compelling benefits of arm lift surgery include:

1. More attractive arm shape: By removing the excess skin from the armpit down to the elbow, arm lift patients can achieve a slim, sleek, proportioned arm shape that finally shows off their actual weight loss results. The newly sculpted arm contour often creates better overall body proportions, particularly when combined with other skin removal procedures.

2. Better mobility: Without sagging arm skin, patients can finally move freely and participate in exercise or other physical activities comfortably. The ability to finally exercise without cumbersome excess skin often motivates patients to ramp up their fitness routine and lose even more weight!

3. Less skin irritation: For many weight loss patients, excess hanging skin can irritate when it rubs against the body or clothing. This constant rubbing can lead to chafing, rashes, and even infection. By removing the extra arm skin, these problems usually disappear.

4. Ability to wear preferred styles of clothing: One of the most common complaints by patients with batwing arms is that they can’t confidently wear sleeveless shirts, dresses, swimsuits, or tank tops. Many men and women hide their arms under long sleeves, even during the hot summer. Other Patients struggle to find sleeves that fit comfortably over their arms. The brachioplasty gives patients the freedom to finally wear want they want.

5. Boosted self-confidence: Arguably, the most profound impact that arm lift surgery can make on a patient’s life is raising his or her self-esteem and confidence. When people feel unhappy or anxious about their excess arm skin, they often avoid certain social situations, shy away from relationships, and even turn down career opportunities. The incredible confidence boost that arm lift surgery can give a patient can improve nearly every aspect of his or her life.

What does an arm lift scar look like?

Like all skin removal surgeries after weight loss, brachioplasty patients will have visible scars from their procedure. Dr. Katzen fully understands the desire to keep scarring minimal and takes great care to place arm lift incisions in the most inconspicuous locations possible. Following arm lift surgery, Dr. Katzen will provide you with comprehensive incision care guidelines and scar care recommendations, including topical ointments, to promote ideal healing and fading. The vast majority of patients who undergo arm lift in Beverly Hills agree that the resulting scar is a small price to pay for the stunning results they achieve.

Say goodbye to batwings in Beverly Hills.

When it comes to something as monumental as arm skin removal surgery after weight loss, it is critical to choose a plastic surgeon who specializes in the procedure and has a wealth of experience, knowledge, and successful results. Award-winning plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy Katzen is known worldwide for his exceptional after weight loss techniques and stunning outcomes. Dr. Katzen is dedicated to helping patients achieve their ideal cosmetic and functional outcome. If you’re ready to take the final step in your transformation, call the friendly team at J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Beverly Hills, today to schedule your private consultation and learn more about the benefits of arm lift surgery.

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