5 Health Benefits of the 360 Lower Body Lift

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen


Massive weight loss is a fantastic achievement. However, once the weight is gone, patients may have excess skin and stubborn fat in the lower body. Hanging skin and fatty tissue are common in patients who have lost 100 pounds or more and patients with a history of multiple pregnancies.

Dr. Katzen performs his signature 360 lower body lift surgery to address patients’ concerns with their middle and lower bodies. Specifically, the 360 lower body lift focuses on the buttocks, lower back, upper pubic region, abdomen, upper thighs, and flanks.

The 360 lower body lift offers many health benefits, including rewarding patients for their weight loss efforts.

Health Benefits of a 360 Lower Body Lift

1. Elimination of Rashes and Skin Infections

Hanging skin and excess fat can linger in patients who have experienced massive weight loss. Often, excess skin leads to painful rashes and skin infections, which may be challenging to treat. In addition, rashes and infections tend to recur until the skin is removed.

Following weight loss, many patients are left with a pannus or a stomach “apron.” This apron or pannus is difficult to keep clean and dry and is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, like candida. Also, chafing occurs as the pannus rubs against other skin areas. This chafing not only causes pain and skin irritations, but can encourage infections.

Unfortunately, dieting or exercising will not address these issues because the skin cannot retract. However, a 360 lower body lift can permanently eliminate skin infections and rashes by removing this hanging skin.

2. Improved Mental Health

Patients who have undergone extreme weight loss should be proud of their accomplishments. However, that initial pride may eventually give way to depression due to excess skin that conceals their efforts.

In one study, researchers analyzed the effects of body-contouring surgery on patients following weight loss. When the study began, close to 40% of participants reported symptoms of depression before surgery. However, after undergoing body-contouring surgery, only one patient (less than 1%) still reported symptoms of depression.

Typically, a 360 lower body lift can improve a patient’s social life, interpersonal relationships, and intimate relationships. While a 360 lower body lift is not a treatment for depression, overall, patients experience better mental health and a genuinely improved outlook on life.

3. Improved Mobility

After losing weight, many patients are eager to go to the gym or begin a regular exercise routine at home. However, excess skin and fat can make exercising difficult, if not impossible. Frequently, patients complain of restricted movements, posture problems, and undesirable sounds from flapping skin as they attempt to exercise.

Additionally, patients may be bothered by poor-fitting workout clothes that cause them to feel self-conscious when exercising in a public setting like a gym. These are all barriers to continued health improvements, and if not addressed, may eventually lead to weight gain.

Dr. Katzen’s 360 lower body lift treats the body areas that restrict patients’ movements during exercise. By undergoing a 360 lower body lift surgery, patients will experience restored body functioning so they can continue to work on staying healthy.

4. Weight Loss Goal Achievement

Dr. Katzen requires all patients to be at a stable weight before undergoing a 360 lower body lift. Bariatric patients should be as close to their goal weight as possible.

Patients who feel their weight loss efforts have stalled may be excellent candidates for the 360 lower body lift. Typically, the excess, stubborn weight results from hanging skin and fatty tissue, which Dr. Katzen will remove during the surgery.

Undergoing a 360 lower body lift allows patients to see the impact of their hard work. As a result, many of Dr. Katzen’s patients achieve their final weight loss goals after they recover from their body lift surgery.

5. Improved Confidence and Self-Image

Often, patients are excited to undergo bariatric surgery or lose weight naturally because they want to see their results. However, as we age, skin loses its laxity, and stretched skin may not resume its shape following weight loss. Therefore, it is unsurprising that some patients might see their post-weight loss bodies as "ugly" or "shocking."

Many patients struggle to find clothing that fits well, and they may endure hurtful comments from others about their appearance. In addition, it can be emotionally painful for patients who were so eager to lose weight when their bodies do not look like they hoped.

For many of Dr. Katzen's patients, the 360 lower body lift is the final step in their weight loss journey and physical transformation. With the excess fatty tissue and hanging skin removed, patients can finally wear properly fitting clothing that flatters their new figure. Research has proven that self-confidence and self-esteem are often restored; most patients develop a positive self-image following 360 lower body lift surgery.

360 Lower Body Lift Procedure Recovery

A 360 lower body lift is a major cosmetic surgical procedure that takes several hours to perform. Therefore, recovery is longer than other procedures, such as liposuction, a tummy tuck, or a Brazilian butt lift.

Most patients are ready to resume some of their normal daily activities within about two weeks. However, patients may not be ready to return to the gym for up to six months after surgery. Dr. Katzen advises each patient based on their individual needs and medical history.

Scarring is to be expected with a 360 lower body lift. However, Dr. Katzen will hide your 360 lower body incisions in your body's natural skin folds or other inconspicuous areas.

Most patients will need to stay at a hospital or medical facility for at least one night for pain management and health monitoring. Additional nights may be required depending on the patient’s progress.

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