6 Myths About Breast Implants


Breast implants can be used as a tax write-off. You read that right. It seems like a joke or a myth, but it is actually true. An exotic dancer was able to claim and write off her breast implants after the IRS agreed and deemed that her breasts were essential to her act.

Crazy, right? breast implant myths But there are six myths about breast implants that Dr. Katzen, who is a celebrity plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, can debunk.

1. Implants cause systemic diseases FALSE: In 1992, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned silicone-gel implants after fears the implants would cause cancer, lupus, and other systemic diseases. But in 2006, the FDA exonerated the implants when there was no link between diseases and implants found.

2. Implants last forever FALSE: According to the FDA, one in five women who get breast implants may have them removed within 10 years. The reason breast implants are removed may be due to complications or ruptures. If you decide to get saline implants and it ruptures, there is no immediate danger, however, you will need to get the ruptured saline implant removed. Silicone-filled ruptures are silent and may be potentially deadly, so it is best to get an MRI every three years. Discuss screening with Dr. Katzen.

3. They cause cancer FALSE: After extensive studies, there is no definite evidence that links silicone implants to common cancers.

4. Implants interfere with breastfeeding FALSE: Yes, you can breastfeed. However, incision and implant placement make a big difference. Dr. Katzen will maximize your chances of being able to breastfeed. There is also no risk of passing silicone gel into breast milk, even if the silicone-filled implant ruptures.

5. They look fake FALSE: Dr. Katzen specializes in natural-looking breasts so that his patients’ breasts do not look fake. Discuss your goals and expectations with Dr. Katzen. According to UK report, some women want fake-looking, clearly augmented breasts.

6. They hide breast cancer on screening exams TRUE: All types of implants mask cancer. However, undergoing mammogram screening at a facility that sees women with breast implants will decrease the risk. If you have implants, notify your imaging tech that you have breast implants. Some imaging centers take additional pictures called “implant displacement views” or “Eklund displacement views” to thoroughly check the breast tissue. Myths debunked. If you are considering a breast augmentation with implants, Dr. Katzen has two offices conveniently located in Beverly Hills, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. If you have any other questions, or myths, regarding breast augmentation with silicone, please call Dr. Katzen’s office at (310) 859-7770.

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