Consider an Arm Lift after Weight Loss


One of the things that helps a lot of people reach their weight loss goals is thinking about what their body will look like after they meet their goals. Most people envision having a body that looks just like a supermodel or a bodybuilder. When an individual loses a lot of weight, while they may be happy with meeting their goal, they often feel unsatisfied with their appearance. They are left with loose and hanging skin. We want to tell you about the benefits that come from an arm lift after weight loss.

How to Get the Body You Want

One of the unfortunate side effects of being overweight is dealing with loose and hanging skin. Excess skin is one of the signs of aging as well. When a person gets older, their skin changes. Their skin becomes thinner and is not as strong. So, a person could have been in great shape their entire life and then be left with loose and hanging skin in their older years. An arm lift can help people in both situations.

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen encourages his patients to continue living the healthiest lifestyle possible as they continue to reach their weight loss goals and as they determine how to get the body they want. Surgical procedures can help individuals to remove loose and hanging skin from almost any part of the body. Skin reduction surgeries are usually performed after it is clear that the skin will not shrink anymore after weight loss and when a person is at a stable weight.

If you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable wearing sleeveless shirts or a bathing suit because of the way your arms look right now, an arm lift may be just what you need to get you that dream body. An arm lift is a surgical procedure that is done by making an incision in the upper arm. After the arm incision is made, Dr. Katzen will be able to remove excess skin and tighten the remaining arm skin.

If you have stubborn fat on your arms that have not responded to your diet and exercise regimen, arm liposuction can be performed during your arm lift to give you the best and longest lasting results. In addition to helping you love the way you look after the arm lift surgery, arm liposuction will help you to resist gaining weight in the future.

Is an Arm Lift Right for You?

An arm lift has been able to help thousands of patients to get the body that they were dreaming of during their weight loss journey. You need to enjoy overall good health in order to benefit from an arm lift. If you are interested in an arm lift, visit one of Dr. Katzen's offices in Beverly Hills, CA or Las Vegas, NV. Contact Dr. Katzen today to schedule your consultation!

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