When to Consider an Arm Lift


An arm lift is a surgical procedure that is designed to get rid of loose skin and fat on the upper arms. An arm lift is also called a brachioplasty. An arm lift can help individuals who feel extremely self-conscious about their arms. By getting rid of all of that extra arm skin and fat, an arm lift can make people feel great about the way they look. Many people who at one time were overweight and now have lost their excess weight may be dealing with a lot of excess arm skin and fat. Often, these individuals feel very proud of the fact that they have been able to lose weight and obtain a healthier size. However, they still may not feel satisfied with the way their body looks. While their arms may now be smaller, they do not feel comfortable wearing a tank top or bathing suit due to the hanging arm skin.

Also, when they do wear clothing, perhaps a long-sleeved shirt, they do not like the way it fits. The extra arm skin can cause the sleeves to bulge. They still are forced to wear clothing that hides or covers their arms. Individuals who are now dealing with excess skin on their arms because of weight loss are typically excellent candidates for an arm lift. While each person is different, in most cases, excess arm skin and fat can be removed.

Liposuction is usually used during this arm lift procedure. After arm liposuction, Dr. Katzen can sculpt your arms to the desired shape. After an arm lift, an individual who was at one time overweight and has now lost weight will feel more confident with the appearance of their arms. When they wave, they will no longer have that excess arm skin that moves around on their upper arm. They will feel confident wearing a wide variety of different styles of clothing. An arm lift is one of the best ways to get the body that you have always wanted. Many individuals are dealing with flabby arms because of the aging process.

Even if these people have always had arms that were toned and without a lot of excess fat, the aging process takes a toll on their entire body. Arms that used to be toned and well-defined are now loose and flabby. An arm lift may be the best procedure for individuals in this situation. In addition to looking better in a physical sense, most individuals who have an arm lift feel better on the inside. They have a lot more confidence. Newly found confidence can lead to taking on new things in life, enriching the life they live. During a consultation at the office of J. Timothy Katzen, MD, you can see if an arm lift can work for you.

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