Customized Mommy Makeover Procedures for Women in Los Angeles


Having a child is often said to be one of the most joyous and profound experiences of a woman's life. The effects that pregnancy has on her body, however, may not be to her liking at all. Stretch marks, sagging or deflated breasts, a nasty c-section scar and even unsightly new fat deposits can make some women feel as if having a child has completely destroyed their body. Other women may feel less negatively, but still dislike some of the evidence of pregnancy left on their bodies. If you love your child but don't love what pregnancy has done to your body, a mommy makeover can help you get back your pre-baby body and feel confident in your own skin again.

Your Mommy Makeover Options

Because no two women experience pregnancy in exactly the same way, a mommy makeover is a combination procedure tailored to your individual needs. While you may be unhappy with your c-section scar and extra fat on your backside, another woman may have issues with deflated breasts and stretch marks. Some women may also want to have excess leg and thigh fat addressed. Whatever pregnancy has done that you don't care for, a mommy makeover can address it. On the other side of the coin, your procedure is not designed to erase all evidence of motherhood. If your pregnancy gave you larger breasts, a fuller backside or more generous thighs and you like those changes, feel free to keep them! There is no one-size-fits-all procedure.

When to Consider a Mommy Makeover

It is never too late to have a mommy makeover, provided you are still healthy. Before you are ready to think about your procedure, you need to carefully consider your future family planning and contraception. While no aspect of the mommy makeover affects your ability to conceive and carry a healthy baby to term, work to your breasts can decrease your ability to breastfeed. Another pregnancy can also undo a lot of the work, leaving you with all the same complaints again. Ideally, you want to be sure your family is complete and have long-term contraceptive plans or sterilization already in place before your mommy makeover.

Perfect for Older Mothers

Not everyone starts their family at 22 or even 32. If you were a mature mother, sometimes called Advanced Maternal Age (AMA), you may have been advised that your skin and tissues would not be as forgiving as those in a younger woman. Since skin elasticity is largely based on genetics and lifestyle habits, a mommy makeover is a perfect choice for older mothers who experience dissatisfaction with their bodies after childbirth. If your pregnancy caused changes to your body that you do not like, a mommy makeover may be just what you need to feel confident again. Call Dr. Katzen today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Katzen would be delighted to review your case and advise you of your makeover options.

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