Enjoying the Benefits of Med Spa Services


If you are dealing with stubborn skin conditions or burdened by signs of aging, a visit to our office may be just what you need to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. We offer numerous med spa treatments and services that can help you rejuvenate your skin and regain your love for life.

Restore Volume with Facial Fillers Facial fillers are injectable treatments that help to minimize lines and wrinkles by promoting increased skin thickness. Products like Juvederm® and Restylane® have been used by many patients to turn back the clock on aging facial skin. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most popular types of ingredients used in dermal fillers. This unique substance is produced by your own body in abundance when you are younger. Aging leads to a loss of hyaluronic acid production and an associated increase in fine lines and wrinkles due to decreased skin hydration. By injecting your face with a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler, Dr. Katzen helps to reverse this process. Like all of Dr. Katzen’s med spa services, this type of treatment has the advantage of being entirely non-surgical in nature. Downtime is minimal to nonexistent, and the treatments are known to be safe and convenient.

Correct Damage with Laser Treatments The medical devices of today allow us to precisely target old, damaged skin that is suffering from sunspots, rosacea, fine lines, and other issues. This amazing precision laser treatment means that healthy tissues will not be affected. Since less skin tissue is damaged in the treatment, you should experience much less downtime than some other types of treatments. Whether you are dealing with redness, age spots, broken capillaries, or other blemishes related to sun damage or aging, laser therapy could benefit you. Typically, a series of treatments is required for optimal results. However, it all depends on the unique case. During your consultation with Dr. Katzen, you can learn more about what to expect before, during, and after this popular med spa treatment.

Contact Dr. Katzen Today This just scratches the surface when it comes to the med spa services offered at the office of J. Timothy Katzen, MD. From BOTOX® and dermal fillers to chemical peels and Latisse®, Dr. Katzen has what you need to look and feel your best. Contact Dr. Katzen today to book a consultation at one of his offices in Beverly Hills or Las Vegas. We look forward to helping you achieve your cosmetic goals!

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