Five Options to Get a Bigger Butt


Many of us want a bigger butt. Some want better body proportions, some lost their butt with weight loss, and some just want a big derrière. Whatever your reasons for wanting more prominent buttock, Dr. Katzen can help.

Option #1: Exercise If you want to avoid plastic surgery, exercise is always a good choice. You should target the gluteus maximus muscles. Dr. Katzen suggests using the stair master, elliptical machine, lunges with weights, dead lifts, and squats. Many yoga poses can also increase the size of your butt. You can even exercise your butt while sitting in your chair right now by flexing or pinching your butt. Exercise is not an overnight fix, however. A life-long dedication to a buttock work-out routine is essential to creating and maintaining bigger buttocks.

Option #2: Fat transfer (Brazilian butt lift) Unfortunately, most of us do not have time to exercise. Additionally, exercising all the time is difficult and it takes some time to see the results. Plastic surgery to the rescue!!! If you decide to go down the plastic surgery path, fat transfer can be an excellent option. The key to obtaining great buttock fat transfer results is having enough fat. If you do not have significant pockets of fat, you will not achieve the best results. The more fat you have, the more fat there is available for fat transfer. During the buttock fat transfer procedure, fat is removed from one area of the body with suction; this is called liposuction. The fat is purified and then injected carefully into the buttocks. The end reason is a "win-win" situation. You get rid of fat in one area, and you get a bigger butt. The Brazilian butt lift procedure takes about two to three hours to perform. The Brazilian butt lift is best performed under general anesthesia. There is a scar about the size of a pencil eraser under each buttock cheek and several scars where the fat was removed. Each scar is about the size of a pencil eraser. Recovery time is about two weeks.

Option #3: "Turn down" buttock flap If you do not have a lot fat or any fat pockets, but have a lot of loose upper buttock skin, you may be a candidate for a "turn down" flap. This procedure is more common for patients who have lost a significant amount of weight. During this plastic surgery procedure, a paddle of upper buttock skin about the size of your hand is created. An incision is made at the top of the buttocks along the belt line. Then, the "turn down" fall is flipped into the upper part of the buttocks. The "turn down" buttock flap procedure is sort of like to tucking your shirt into your pants. The "turn down" flap is analogous to your shirt tail and your buttocks are the pants. This procedure can provide fullness to the mid and upper buttocks. The "turn down" buttock flap procedure takes about two to three hours to perform under general anesthesia. The scar extends from hip to hip just under the belt line. The "turn down" flap scar is hidden under "reasonable" clothing. The recovery time from the "turn down" buttock flap procedure is about two weeks.

Option #4: Buttock implants Most patients do not have significant fat pockets for fat transfer and do not have any loose upper buttock skin for a "turn down" flap. For these patients, there is another great option for permanent buttock augmentation--buttock implants. Buttock implants are safe and are FDA approved. Buttock implants have been used for years to enhance people's derrières permanently. Contrary to saline breast implants, buttock implants do not leak. Unless one is having problems, buttock implants do not need to be changed. The buttock implant procedure takes about two hours to perform. The Brazilian butt lift is best performed under general anesthesia. Usually, the buttock implant incision is placed at the top of the buttock cleft or crack and measures about 4cm. Recovery time is about two weeks.

Option #5: Injectables Some people do not have pockets of fat, loose skin, and do not want permanent buttock implants, but still, want a bigger butt. For these patients, there is still an option. A long-lasting filler is injected. The filler most commonly used for buttock augmentation is Sculptra. Sculptra is FDA approved for facial wrinkles (not buttock augmentation) and has been used since 1999. Sculptra is made of poly-L-lactic acid. This substance is commonly found in suture material. Poly-L-lactic acid is a biocompatible, biodegradable substance. As Sculptra dissolves, it is replaced by your body's natural collagen. The bigger butt you want, the more Sculptra you will need. So, are you ready for a bigger, bubble butt? Do you want to wear those Apple Bottom jeans? If you are looking for a bigger butt, please contact celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Katzen, for a FREE complementary consultation at (310) 859-7770 or Dr. Katzen has offices in Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, and Dubai.

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