Five Proven Ways To Get a Bigger Buttock

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen


Modern-day aesthetics are all about the buttocks. Are you constantly checking your butt? Do you have a square butt, round butt, heart butt, or inverted T butt? Is your buttock classified as "saggy," "double saggy," or "bubble butt"? On Instagram, do you prefer a butt like Beyoncé, Kimmy K, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalea, or Coco Austin? Whatever kind of butt you have, many men and women are quick and ready to trade in their old derrieres and get a NEW BUTT.

Who needs butt augmentation?

The better question is, who doesn't want a better-looking buttock? There are two sides to plastic surgery: aesthetic and reconstructive. Aesthetic plastic surgery helps a patient with a "normal" body part (like the butt) become "supernormal" or "better than normal." Reconstructive plastic surgery helps a patient who has a deformity (due to genetics, trauma, infection, burn, etc.) return to a more "normal" appearance. Many people seek a bigger buttock for an improved cosmetic appearance. Other patients seek buttock reconstruction because they have lost significant weight, their buttocks sag due to aging, or need buttock reconstruction due to the removal of silicone injections.

But how do I get a bigger butt?


In the past, the only and best way to get a bigger butt was with exercise. Nowadays, to get a bigger butt with exercise, take your pick: the banded glute bridge, banded lateral step-out squat, stair master, exercise bike, stability ball hip thrust, single-leg deadlift, walking lunges, squats, dumbbell donkey kick, and the list goes on.

However, in reality, very few people have the time and the discipline to work out their butt all the time. What's more, once you achieve the butt size and shape you want, you have to spend the rest of your life maintaining that lifestyle to keep the butt. Most people say, "Thanks, but no thanks."

Many people want the "quick and easy" way to get a bigger butt.

Such demand for an increase in buttocks size has resulted in various methods of improving butt size, shape, contour, and firmness. Now, there are many ways to get a bigger butt, like illegal silicone or biopolymer injection. Please don't go there! Illegal silicone butt injections can kill you instantly or can kill you slowly. Illegal butt injections can be devastating and cause horrible problems like kidney stones, circulatory issues, and a whole host of autoimmune diseases which can attack your thyroid, intestines, and circulatory system. OK. So, you are not going the illegal butt injection route, and you don't have the time for a gym or personal trainer. What are your options for a bigger butt?

#2 Sculptra

If you are interested in butt augmentation, but don't want any "surgery," then Sculptra may be the way to go. Sculptra is a "non-surgical procedure" for butt augmentation. Sculptra is FDA-approved—that means Sculptra has been studied, researched, and deemed safe by the U.S. government. Sculptra is made by Galderma and is made of poly-L-lactic acid. According to Galderma, Sculptra helps the "body reproduce lost collagen." Sculptra stimulates you to fix you. According to Galderma, Sculptra lasts about 24 months.

Sculptra is purchased by Dr. Katzen or your plastic surgeon off the shelf. Sculptra can be injected into the buttocks with or without local anesthetic. Sculptra buttock augmentation takes about one hour in the office. Sculptra does not require anesthesia. Different patients prefer different sized buttocks, and therefore, different patients will require different amounts of Sculptra. After Sculptra injections, you should be able to return to your work the next day. You will have mild swelling and possibly some bruising. There are no drains involved. Sculptra results should last up to two years.

OK. So, you don't want to spend a lot of money on Sculptra to see your butt melt away after two years. What are your options? The next step up to get a better butt would be a surgical procedure. What sort of butt procedures are there? One of the most popular buttock procedures is the Brazilian butt lift or BBL.

#3 Brazilian buttock lift (BBL)

The Brazilian butt lift is a two-part procedure. First, fat is harvested, and then, second, the harvested fat is transferred to the buttock. Typically, fat is harvested with a sterile surgical straw or cannula. The fat harvested for a BBL usually comes from the abdomen, love handles, or back. Almost any pocket of fat can serve as a BBL or fat donor. The more fat that you have, the more fat that can be transferred. Indeed, patients who barely have any body fat will need to gain weight to allow for BBL procedures. Once the fat is harvested, the fat is washed with antibiotics to protect and sterilize the fat. Also, the fat is strained to get rid of extra fluid. Then, during the second part of the BBL, the harvested fat is carefully injected into the buttock's fatty layer. The fat is injected in multiple strips throughout multiple layers. Typically, the BBL fat is injected in a fan-like fashion from deep to superficial. (Previously, BBL had been given a bad name because of deaths associated with the procedure. This was because the transferred fat was injected into the muscle and lead to deadly emboli or clots. During a BBL, plastic surgeons do not inject the muscle anymore. Therefore, the BBL procedure is much safer because fat is now being only injected into the buttock's fatty layer.) The BBL procedure is performed in a sterile operating room. The BBL can be performed under IV or general anesthesia. Typically, Dr. Katzen performs the BBL under general anesthesia. To inject the fat into the buttock, three small incisions are made. An incision is made at the top of the vertical gluteal cleft (-- think the top of the butter crack) and underneath each buttock, where the buttock meets the posterior thigh. Incisions are approximately the size of a grain of rice or pencil eraser size. The injection of fat into the buttock takes approximately one hour to complete. However, the BBL liposuction portion can take one or more hours depending on how many areas the patient wishes to be treated. Usually, Dr. Katzen closes the liposuction and fat transfer sites with absorbable sutures; these absorbable sutures fall out two weeks after the BBL procedure. After the BBL surgery, you should plan on a 1 to 2-week period of recovery. For the first 2 to 3 weeks, it will be important not to apply any pressure to the buttocks. Pressure can kill the newly transferred fat cells. At approximately two weeks, you should be able to return to a sitting type job. However, you will be required to sit on the BBL pillow for the first three weeks after your surgery. Once your newly transferred fat settles into its new home in your buttocks, the fat should last for many years. Some patients have found newly transferred butt fat can last 8 to 10 years. However, results do vary.

Ok. I don't have any body fat, and I really don't want to gain weight for a BBL. What are my other options? If you don't have fat and don't want to gain weight for a BBL, then your next best option may be buttock implants.

#4) Buttock implant

Buttock implants have been around for many years. Several FDA-approved companies make buttock implants. Buttock implants come in many sizes shapes. Now, buttock implants even come in different cohesiveness (that means there are soft buttock implants and buttock implants that are more firm). Buttock augmentation is performed in a sterile operating room under general anesthesia. Buttock augmentation with buttock implants procedure takes approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete. Typically, a 2-inch incision is made at the top of the buttock crack. Some plastic surgeons make one incision, and some plastic surgeons make two incisions. Dr. Katzen prefers the 2-incision technique. After the incision is made, a pocket is made for the buttock implant. The buttock implant can be placed above the gluteus maximus muscle, in the gluteus maximus muscle, or under the gluteus maximus muscle. Each position has its advantages. Placing the buttock implant above the muscle is technically an easier procedure to complete. Placing the buttock implant above the muscle also achieves a more "bubble butt" look. However, suppose a buttock implant is placed above the gluteus maximus muscle. In that case, there is a higher chance that the buttock implant could flip. This situation would not be good. Alternatively, buttock implants can be placed in or under the gluteus maximus muscle. Technically, placing the buttock implant under the gluteus maximus muscle is a relatively easy pocket to create. However, the main risk with placing buttock implants under the muscle is that the buttock implant can press on the sciatic nerve and lead to buttock pain, sciatica, and leg numbness. This condition would not be good. So, instead of placing the buttock implant above or below the gluteus maximus muscle, the buttock implant can be placed in the muscle. When the implant is placed in the muscle, this achieves the best of both worlds. Placing the buttock implant in the muscle, the buttock implant is not pressing on the sciatic nerve, has a minimal chance of flipping, and the final appearance does not look like a "bubble butt" or "ant butt." Usually, drains are not required. You will need to keep pressure off the buttocks for three weeks after your buttock implant insertion. You should be able to return to a sitting type job in approximately three weeks.

Ok. I don't have much fat for a BBL, and I don't want buttock implants. However, I have a lot of fat at the top of my buttocks and want my buttocks lifted. What can be done? If this is your case, where you have a moderate amount of excess skin and fat at the upper portion of the buttock, a dermal flap may be the way to go.

#5) Dermal or propeller flap

The dermal or propeller flap procedure is ideal for patients who want buttock augmentation and lift and removal of excess upper buttocks skin and fat. 
The dermal or propeller flap is performed under general anesthesia in a sterile operating room. During the dermal or propeller flap procedure, an incision is made in the buttock's upper portion. An area of upper buttock skin is de-epithelialized. De-epithelialization means that the top layer of skin is removed from the upper buttock. The dermal flap of skin and fat is then rotated into the buttock. Then, the buttock is lifted on top of the flap and anchored in place. This maneuver is much like tucking the back of your shirt into your pants and then pulling up your pants and tightening your belt. The dermal or propeller flap buttock augmentation takes approximately 4 to 5 hours to complete. Drains are used and typically remain in place for approximately two weeks. It would be best if you planned on a 3 to 4-week recovery. The dermal flap is more reliable and superior to a BBL. The fat from a dermal flap lasts longer than a BBL. Also, the dermal flap is more appealing than buttock implants because it uses your tissue.

So, how would like your butt? Are you committed, and do you have lots of time and dedication? Then think squats. Don't have time for the stair master or surgery? Think Sculptra. Do you have some extra belly fat? Then, consider a BBL. Don't have any belly fat and don't want to gain weight for a BBL? Think buttock implants. Got fat at the top of your butt, and you want your butt lifted? Think dermal or propeller flap.

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