Get a Complete Body Transformation with a Mommy Makeover


Dr. J. Timothy Katzen is a plastic surgeon with two offices: one in Beverly Hills, California and one in Las, Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Katzen earned his medical degree from the Medical College of Virginia. He then served a residency in General Surgery at the University of Hawaii and another residency in Plastic Surgery at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. He has earned three Fellowships: one in Burn Surgery at Vanderbilt University, one in Microsurgery at St. Joseph Hospital in Houston, and one in Craniofacial Surgery at New York University Medical Center.

Dr. Katzen has earned board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is also a member of several professional organizations including the following: International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, International College of Surgeons, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American College of Surgeons, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, and the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

What services does Dr. Katzen Offer? Dr. Katzen offers a variety of medical and spa services that include the following: • Liposuction • BOTOX® injections • Juvederm • Chemical peels • Rhinoplasty • Latisse®

What is a mommy makeover? A mommy makeover is a group of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures performed to improve a woman’s appearance. It is typically done after a woman has finished having children. A mommy makeover can involve any of the following procedures: • Liposuction • Abdominoplasty • Breast surgery • Thigh lift The first three procedures are the most commonly performed in a mommy makeover. Breast surgery usually involves breast augmentation or breast reduction, and they may or may not be paired with a breast lift. A mommy makeover can be performed all at once, or it can be done in stages as several different operations. Liposuction is a common surgical procedure used to remove fat. One common type is tumescent liposuction in which Dr. Katzen injects a solution containing an anesthetic into the treatment area.

The solution makes the fat cells swell and become firm, so they are easier to remove. In ultrasound-assisted liposuction, Dr. Katzen uses ultrasound or VASER to liquefy the fat before removing the fat with a suction. Both types of liposuction can be used in abdominoplasties or breast reduction surgeries. A breast lift is a procedure done to give sagging breasts a perkier appearance. Dr. Katzen tightens the breast tissue and removes any excess breast skin. The size of the breasts are minimally altered unless Dr. Katzen is performing a breast reduction or breast augmentation. In a breast augmentation procedure, Dr. Katzen will insert implants either in front of or behind the pectoral muscle. With Dr. Katzen’s guidance, you will be able to choose from a large variety of implants. To see if you would benefit from a mommy makeover, contact the office of Dr. Katzen today. At your appointment, Dr. Katzen will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you on your cosmetic journey.

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