Get Lips That Leave an Impression with PermaLip

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen

Ask any man about which features in a women, he is attracted to and one feature that is sure to appear in every list- full, luscious lips. We all want to improve our appearances and become more beautiful, which means that if you were not born with lips that speak without moving (picture Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie), you would definitely want to plump your pout.

Fortunately, this is not impossible or as difficult as it may seem. At Body with Katzen, there are several procedures available that can make your lips the most beautiful feature of your face. One of them is the brand new PermaLip procedure.

The previous options for improving the appearance of the lips included temporary fixes with over-the-counter creams and glosses or dermal fillers. The main problem with these procedures is that they do not provide long-lasting results. On the other hand, there were other options like silicone injections, Gortex, Alloderm, and fat grafting that were relatively more permanent, but involved a degree of unpredictability and danger. Compared with all these previous options, PermaLip is a more advanced technique with better results.

PermaLip – The Best Way to Get Charming, Irresistible Lips

Do you want to attain younger-looking, smooth, fuller lips but do not want the hassle of continuously spending dollars on temporary injectables? PermaLip is a great option. This may be the first time in the history of cosmetic procedures that there is an option available for permanent lip enhancement that is both natural-looking and affordable.

The PermaLip implant is a soft, smooth-surfaced silicone implant that is FDA approved. This implant cannot rupture or deflate, and is exceptionally durable. Apart from the benefits of this procedure, another great thing is that this type of Lip Augmentation procedure takes only about 15 minutes to complete. Permalip insertion is performed under local anesthesia.

Why Should I Get PermaLip?

PermaLip may be your best shot at achieving the lips you want. PermaLip does not carry the risk of any adverse effects that are associated with other implant materials. PermaLip is a solid silicone implant, it is unique. What this means is that the permalip will not deflate, rupture, or degenerate over time. Since the permalip s a flexible solid, it will not leak and migrate like free silicone lip injections. It is also quite flexible, which allows it to rapidly adapt to the natural movements and shape of the mouth. Another advantage of the permalip is that it is safer than the other options because silicone is naturally resistant to the ingrowth of tissue.

Tissue ingrowth has been a recurring problem with other lip implants. Ingrowth is dangerous because it hampers and hinders the natural movement of the mouth, and makes it necessary and challenging to remove the implants. This is where the PermaLip procedure with Dr. John Timothy Katzen is unbeatable. PermaLip implant is not only permanent, but it can also be replaced, removed and even adjusted, if need be.

What is the PermaLip Procedure Like?

PermaLip enhancement is a procedure that is relatively very simple for Dr. Katzen. It can be completed safely in a simple office setting and under local anesthesia.

First, Dr. Katzen locally anesthetizes your lips. Second, he makes two small incisions in the corners of the mouth. Third, Dr. Katzen creates a tunnel. Fourth he passes the PermaLip implant through this a tunnel. Fifth he adjusts the PermaLip in the center. Sixth, he will repeat the procedure for the other lip. Seventh, he closes the incisions with absorbable sutures.

The whole procedure takes about thirty minutes. There is no downtime, and at most, a side effect could be minimal bruising.

PermaLip Enhancement with Dr. Katzen

Dr. John Timothy Katzen is a highly-skilled Beverly Hills plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience in plastic surgery. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon who makes you feel comfortable, answers all your questions and delivers the highest quality services, you can visit Dr. Katzen at Body By Katzen. Schedule your private consultation with him today and get a permanent full pout today!

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