Get the Perfect Body with VASER Hi-Def Abdominal Six-Pack Liposuction


We all want that perfect body. We want a beach body - a sculpted figure with virtually no fat, especially no love handles. But none of us want to put in the work to burn or get rid of the fat through dieting and exercise. We either don’t have the time or don’t see the results we want.

VASER Hi-Def liposuction uses state-of-the-art liposuction technology to change abdominal wall liposuction forever. Abdominal VASER Hi-Def can give patients a ripped, athletic-looking abdomen. Dr. Katzen can create this athletic-looking abdomen by sculpting and defining the rectus abdominis and external oblique muscles. This 6-pack look is achieved by first carefully examining your physique and then etching and defining your abdominal wall to create the ideal human abdominal muscle wall. During your abdominal VASER Hi-Def abdominal six-pack procedure, Dr. Katzen will be removing the fat between and around the muscles. Dr. Katzen will sculpt your abdominal wall by identifying and leaving your abdominal muscles behind.

What to Expect Before Your VASER Hi-Def Abdominal Six-Pack Liposuction Surgery

During your plastic surgery consultation, Dr. Katzen will discuss ways to maximize your healing potential. Dr. Katzen requires his patients to stop smoking for at least two weeks. Smoking slows healing by impairing circulation throughout your body. In addition, you should discontinue taking aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, and other supplements since these can impede healing. Some of these medications act as blood thinners and can cause excessive bruising, bleeding, and other complications. In the days leading up to your VASER surgery, drink plenty of water. The week before your VASER Hi-Def abdominal six-pack procedure, plan to drink about five liters a day.

What to Expect During Your VASER Hi-Def Abdominal Six-Pack Surgery

VASER Hi-Def abdominal six-pack surgery is performed under general anesthesia. VASER Hi-Def abdominal six-pack surgery is a minimally-invasive procedure. To treat the entire abdomen, several small incisions are placed in hidden regions throughout the abdomen. The incisions for the VASER procedure are about the size of a pencil eraser. After the incisions are made, Dr. Katzen inserts skin ports. Skin ports minimize skin damage caused by the heat and friction of the VASER probe and the liposuction cannulas. First, the anterior abdominal wall fat layer is filled with tumescent solution. The tumescent fluid has lidocaine, which assists in numbing the abdomen. The tumescent fluid also has epinephrine, which causes vasoconstriction and minimizes bleeding. Tumescent fluid is used to suspend the abdominal fat in fluid and maximize the fat removed with the VASER. With the skin ports in place, the VASER probe is inserted. The VASER pulsates and uses sound energy to dissolve abdominal fat gently.

Thus, the VASER melts the fat between the abdominal muscles. The VASER also heats the undersurface of the skin and, thus, assists in the definition of the abdominal wall muscles. Once the abdominal fat is liquefied by the VASER, the abdominal fat is removed with a traditional liposuction cannula. Dr. Katzen prefers the Micro-Aire Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) system. The PAL system uses vibration to aspirate abdominal wall fat. The PAL helps to etch and remove stubborn fat around the rectus abdominis muscles and the external oblique muscles. Dr. Katzen is an experienced VASER liposuction plastic surgeon and will gently eliminate your abdominal fat, while minimizing collateral damage to surrounding tissues. Because the VASER treatment uses state-of-the-art technology to reshape your body, it is vital to seek an experienced, plastic surgeon. VASER liposuction requires special techniques to shape the linea alba (the line that separates the six-pack), linea semilunares (outer edge of the six-pack), and the transverse tendinous intersection (six-pack). VASER can also be performed on the chest, hips, waist, thorax, back, and arms.

How Long Does the VASER Hi-Def Abdominal Six-Pack Procedure Take?

VASER Hi-Def abdominal six-pack surgery takes between two to four to complete. The length of time all depends on the amount of abdominal fat a patient has. If a patient has a lot of abdominal fat, VASER Hi-Def abdominal six-pack surgery will take four or more hours. If a patient does not have much abdominal fat and has good abdominal wall muscle definition, VASER Hi-Def abdominal six-pack surgery may only take one to two hours to perform. Surgery can take longer if a patient wants additional cosmetic procedures.

What Can I Expect After My VASER Hi-Def Abdominal Six-Pack Surgery?

After your VASER Hi-Def abdominal six-pack surgery, you should expect some swelling, bruising, and pain in the abdomen and pubic region. You may feel some loss of sensation in the areas treated. However, do not worry. The abdominal nerves regenerate, and sensation returns soon after the procedure. Swelling can persist for several months after the VASER abdominal six-pack procedure. There will also be some pain. Dr. Katzen will prescribe some pain medication to manage your discomfort. After any surgical procedure, recovery is different for everyone. Everyone heals at a different rate. A day or two after VASER Hi-Def liposculpting, most patients are up and walking. To ensure the contour of the treated areas, Dr. Katzen requires his patients to wear a compression garment for six weeks at a minimum. The second or third day after your VASER procedure, you may be allowed to shower. Little by little, Dr. Katzen's patients can return to normal activities such as exercising, lifting, and sex. For the first month after VASER Hi-Def liposuction, you should avoid any high endurance activities and strenuous activities. Results for VASER Hi-Def liposuction vary from person to person. Patients can see the best results after several months. If you gain weight after VASER, you will gain it in areas other than the VASER treated areas. If you are interested in consulting for VASER Hi-Def liposuction or have any plastic surgery questions, call my office.

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