Get the Body You Want with VASER Hi DEF Lipo for Your Abs


When you look at your abs in the mirror, do you feel happy with what you see? Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who exercise regularly, eat nutritious meals, and live an overall healthy lifestyle, but still deal with pockets of fat on their body, particularly around their abdomen. If this describes your situation, VASER HI DEF Lipo may be a good option for you.

Why You Can't Lose the Fat on Your Own

Many people feel like completely giving up after they have worked hard for years to achieve their dream body, but never see results. Part of what helps them stick to a diet and exercise routine is the thought of one day enjoying six pack abs. This dream may help them get through all of the abdominal exercises that are so difficult to do. The problem is that no matter what exercises a person does, often they cannot control where fat is metabolized. You can restrict the foods you eat and exercise all of the time, but this does not mean that you will lose weight in a specific area. Also, genetics play a role in areas where a person will store fat. Just think of people who have a double chin even though they are actually very slim. It is likely that their parents, grandparents, and other people in their family have the exact same problem. This is where VASER HI DEF Lipo can be beneficial for a person who is dealing with belly fat. It allows us to actually target specific stubborn pockets of fat. VASER HI DEF Lipo can help us to get rid of that stubborn belly fat while sculpting your amazing abs.

Learn More about VASER HI DEF Lipo for Abs

VASER Lipo for Abs is a minimally-invasive procedure that causes fat cells to be liquefied before they are removed. Ultrasound waves break down the fat cells, which means that the surrounding tissue, blood vessels, and connecting nerves are left unharmed. One of the downsides of using traditional liposuction to remove unwanted fat is that a person is sometimes left with sagging skin after the fat has been removed. Usually, with VASER HI DEF Lipo, you do not have to worry about this problem. Liquefied fat is removed by means of aspiration. The procedure will actually stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. So the skin will be tightened and your abs will be chiseled. VASER HI DEF Lipo for Abs is perfect for individuals who are eager to show off their six-pack abs after they have this procedure performed.

Are You a Good Candidate?

Do you have unwanted belly fat that is hiding your six-pack abs? If so, VASER HI DEF Lipo for Abs with Dr. J. Timothy Katzen may be the right option for you. Dr. Katzen has offices located in Beverly Hills and Las Vegas. Contact Dr. Katzen today to schedule your consultation!

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