How Long Does It Take For Plastic Surgery Scars To Fade?

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen


Scars are an unavoidable consequence of cosmetic plastic surgery. However, with strategic incision placement and proper aftercare, the amount of visible scarring after plastic surgery can be greatly minimized. Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy Katzen and the award-winning team at J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Beverly Hills fully understand our patients’ desires to keep scarring to a minimum. Dr. Katzen and his team are committed to utilizing the most advanced surgical and post-surgical techniques possible to reduce visible scarring for a smooth, stunning, and natural result. Use this helpful information to learn more about what to expect as your surgical incisions heal and how to promote scar fading during your cosmetic surgery recovery in Beverly Hills, CA.

Where will my scars be after plastic surgery?

The location, size, and nature of your surgical scars will depend greatly on what type of procedure you undergo. For example, breast augmentation scars are typically visible on the surface of the breast or in the inframammary crease (just underneath the breast); facelift scars are often hidden within the hairline, around the ears, or under the chin. Dr. Katzen understands the importance of discretion and a smooth, beautiful result. Dr. Katzen takes great care to place precise and delicate incisions in areas where they can be concealed or camouflaged and heal in the most aesthetically pleasing manner possible. During your initial consultation for Beverly Hills plastic surgery, Dr. Katzen will thoroughly explain your procedure and give you a better idea of where you can expect your incisions and scars to be located.

How to prevent scars after cosmetic plastic surgery

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely prevent scarring from a procedure that requires surgical incisions. However, selecting a highly-experienced plastic surgeon who understands how to hide scars with strategic incision placement – as well as adhering closely to their postoperative scar care guidelines – can certainly help to ensure the most appealing cosmetic result. During your pre-operative appointments, Dr. Katzen will discuss recovery instructions and tips to minimizing scarring topics will include:

  • Get plenty of rest
  • Do not rush your recovery
  • Do not smoke before or after surgery
  • Avoid heavy lifting, straining, and exercise for a minimum of 4 – 6 weeks
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Stay hydrated
  • Keep the incisions, scars, and skin moisturized
  • Do not submerge open incisions
  • Avoid sun exposure on incisions and scars
  • Use sunscreen
  • Take prescribed medications as directed
  • Use topical agents as recommended for scar fading
  • Choose a highly qualified, experienced, and skilled plastic surgeon

When will scars fade after plastic surgery?

On average, patients can expect their cosmetic plastic surgery incisions to heal in about one or two weeks. After this, the resulting scar will appear red and begin to fade to pink and ultimately to a white or skin-colored tone. The time it takes a plastic surgery scar to fade can vary based on the patient’s skin type, scar care regimen, and many other factors. Generally speaking, however, surgical scars usually take about 12 – 24 months to fade. After 24 months, it is rare for scars to fade any further. Even though it may take over two years for a plastic surgery scar to mature fully, plastic surgeons may intervene earlier for scar revisions. Plastic surgery scar revision varies from patient to patient and from plastic surgeon to plastic surgeon. Scar revisions may require injections, topicals, laser or even, surgical excisions. In the vast majority of cases, however, patients agree that having a small amount of visible scarring is more than worth the amazing results they achieved with surgery.

Get the gorgeous look you deserve and minimize your risk of visible scarring by choosing the best cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA

From strategic incision placement to cutting-edge tools and techniques, internationally recognized plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy Katzen offers everything needed to ensure the least amount of visible scarring possible after cosmetic surgery. To learn more about the life-changing possibilities of plastic surgery, call the knowledgeable team at J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Beverly Hills to schedule your in-person or virtual consultation today!

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