Is Labiaplasty Right for Me?


You take care of yourself by eating an ideal diet and including physical fitness in your daily regimen. You get plenty of sleep and drink your water the way that you should. Everything is on track except for one embarrassing area that you can't change. It's your vagina. You don't even feel comfortable talking about it with your doctor, but it is making you miserable. You have flaps of excess skin that are getting in the way. They chafe, they become irritated, and they are painful. Worse yet, you can't wear anything that has a close fit because bulges of skin may be noticeable in such a sensitive area. It's time to think about finding a solution. Labiaplasty could be the answer for you.

Understanding Labiaplasty

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen is an expert in sculpting the body. You might think that the only thing that a plastic surgeon can do is to enhance the appearance of different features on your body, such as your face, your breasts or your stomach. However, Dr. Katzen can also address problem areas on your body that are making you uncomfortable. During a labiaplasty procedure, excess labial skin can be removed. The inner and outer lips of the vagina can be sculpted to a better size to give you the relief that you need.

Are You a Candidate?

Consider a labiaplasty if you have unwanted excess skin in the entrance of your vagina that makes you uncomfortable throughout the day and during intercourse. If excess labial tissue is stealing your confidence, you should consider finding a solution. Many women experience changes in their vagina after pregnancy or with aging, while some women have always had excess skin in this area. The skin can become loose and stretched out over time. Dr. Katzen is a talented plastic surgeon and can remedy the situation with labiaplasty.

What to Expect with Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty surgery is an outpatient procedure. The details of each surgery vary from patient to patient since everyone is unique. However, during a typical labiaplasty procedure, excess labial tissue will be targeted and carefully removed. At the end of the labiaplasty procedure, you will no longer have labial tissue getting in your way or embarrassing you. You will feel much more at ease once you have completely healed.

Learn More About Labiaplasty and How It Can Help You

When there is something you don't like about your body, Dr. Katzen may be able to help you. This especially holds true if you feel pain or discomfort with your labia. You should not have to live that way. Make an appointment at the office of J. Timothy Katzen, MD to learn more about a labiaplasty. Don't be embarrassed to talk about your problems. Dr. Katzen can examine you and determine the best plan of action to help you deal with the burden of too much labial tissue. Dr. Katzen has offices in Beverly Hills and Las Vegas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for a labiaplasty.

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