Is Vaser Lipo Painful?


Vaser liposuction is a great option for many people, but if you're worried about the pain associated with the procedure then read more here and calm your mind!

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Back in 2015, the Global Cosmetic Surgery and Services industry was worth more than US $20 billion. Studies conducted then estimated its worth to rise to $27 billion come 2019. By the end of 2016, reports revealed that in the United States alone, US $16 billion already went to cosmetic plastic and minimally-invasive procedures. And you know what? Patients spent half of that undergoing surgical procedures. And of these surgeries, liposuction remained on top of the most commonly performed. Surgeons performed 235,237 surgeries then, the total cost of which was around $750 million. All these made you think of Vaser liposuction. Whether it's a good option for your body contouring needs. And of course, if it's painful, and whether that pain is worth it or not. Well, you've come to the right place. In this post, we'll answer all the important questions about this type of liposuction, so read on!

First Things First: What's Liposuction and Why Is It So Popular?

For you to have a better understanding of Vaser, you first need to know the basics of liposuction. After all, this body contouring procedure is a form of liposuction. As mentioned above, liposuction remains one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures in the U.S. It's so popular that the number of procedures done in 2016 showed a 6% increase from the previous year. Patients consist mostly of women. Of the total done lipo procedures in 2016, surgeons did more than 208,000 of them in women. But the nearly 27,000 procedures on men still signal a considerable increase in positive male reaction towards the cosmetic plastic industry. So... Why then is it so popular that people would spend $3,200 on average for a single lipo session? Also known as lipoplasty and body contouring, liposuction (or lipo) is a plastic surgery procedure. Its goal is to get rid of extra body fat, typically what most people refer to as "stubborn fat." These are the fats that seem to stick around even with all the dieting and exercising one does. People choose to undergo liposuction so they can improve upon their body contours and shape. Problem areas that lipo can help with include the arms, back, buttocks, hips, neck, thighs, and tummy. Their problem areas is because no matter how strict one's dieting regimen is, or how rigorous their exercise regimen, they simply can't remove these fat deposits. In essence, combining liposuction with continued healthy eating and exercising can help you achieve that dream body of yours.

What's Vaser Then?

Vaser, or Vaserlipo (also known as LipoSelection), is a form of liposuction. It's similar in the way that the procedure's goal is to remove fatty deposits. To help improve the contours of a specific body area. The abdomen is one of the most common treatment areas for this procedure. In fact, many patients who've had a tummy tuck consider undergoing it. Combining Vaserlipo with abdominoplasty allows for much better, more obvious contoured results. But the tummy isn't the only area that you can get this type of liposuction for. You can also choose it as a fat removal method for those extra layers on your arms, chest, chin, knees, neck, and thighs. It also works wonders on minimizing the appearance of love handles. The primary difference between the traditional liposuction and LipoSelection lies in the technology used. The latter offers an innovative alternative to traditional liposuction. And that's through the use of sound waves. Sound Surgical Technologies, LLC is the company that introduced this back in 2002. Right after the device received approval from the Food and Drug Administration. That's right people. Vaserlipo is FDA-approved. That should already tell you that the procedure is generally safe. After all, the agency doesn't just give a green light to all medical/cosmetic devices and procedures. There's a lot it considers, from safety to effectiveness to potential risks and complications. Like any other cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure though, Vaser isn't 100% risk- or complication-free. This is why you want to choose an experienced plastic surgeon. With all the needed qualifications to perform body contouring procedures. It's only through this that you can have a successful and pleasurable experience as you pave your way to a healthier-looking, more beautiful body.

An In-Depth Look at How the Procedure Works

The ideal patient for Vaserlipo is one in good physical condition. One who wants to have a more contoured, sculptured body rather than one looking for a weight loss treatment option. These are important criteria. Simply because even with its innovativeness and effectiveness, it's not a procedure made specifically to lose weight. Now that we've emphasized that, let's take a look at how this FDA-approved technology works. As mentioned above, LipoSelection uses a device that generates sound waves. This ultrasound energy then gently loosens the fat in the treatment areas. It involves the insertion of a tube under the skin, which allows the treated fat to exit the body. Here's a step-by-step guide on the procedure:

  • The surgeon injects the target treatment area with a special saline solution. This results in numbing (which makes the procedure painless!) while it also shrinks the local blood vessels.
  • The solution also expands the targeted area's volume, allowing for easier fat cell removal.
  • The surgeon then makes tiny incisions to insert small probes in. These devices generate the high ultrasound frequency. The vibrations shake loose and break apart the fat cells.
  • The frequency leaves the tissues surrounding the treatment area intact. So, even as the fat cells disengage, it's just them that loosens up.
  • From there, the broken fat cells combine with the saline solution. They leave the body through special cannulas, devices that further protect the surrounding tissues.

So, to answer your main question, the Vaser procedure itself isn't painful. Also, some of the applied local anesthetic stays in the treatment area. This then helps minimize the pain that may come after the procedure.

Gentler than Traditional Lipo Methods

Here's something that will help ease your mind even more: Vaserlipo is typically gentler compared with your other traditional liposuction options. It's like a less invasive version of liposuction, which can mean lower pain levels to deal with. It also means less scaring to worry about. Furthermore, the technology and procedure behind it give your surgeon more control. This then allows the doctor to ensure that only the high frequency energy hits the targeted area. And of course, that the tissues surrounding it does not sustain any long-term damage. Also, this tissue preservation method creates less bleeding. You'll also see less bruising, as opposed to what you'll usually see in traditional lipo patients.

A Few More Things to Expect Before, During, and After the Procedure

When you undergo Vaser liposuction, you can expect to have it done in a doctor's office or a hospital. Again, you won't need general anesthetic, only localized anesthesia. This helps reduce risks and costs, while still ensuring you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. You do have the option to get general anesthesia, even sedation. It all depends on your pain tolerance. If you want as little pain and discomfort as possible, make sure you let the surgeon know. The treatment time itself takes an hour to several hours. This depends on how many areas you want treated. For smaller targets, an hour or two is enough. As for downtime, LipoSelection may require you to rest for at least 12 hours. You should also avoid exercising or other strenuous activities for at least two to three weeks after the procedure. This'll help your body recover faster, not to mention reduce possibilities of complications. The best thing about this lipo procedure is that you'll notice results soon after you've healed. And the more you let your body rejuvenate, the more visible the results.

Limitations You Should Know About

Vaserlipo is effective and generally safe. It can help you finally say goodbye to those unwanted layers of fat that make you feel extra conscious. However, it's not something you should treat as a permanent weight loss method. Also, not all people are good candidates for this procedure. It may be too risky for those who suffer from chronic health and medical conditions. If you have diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, or blood clotting disorders, make sure you inform your surgeon. There are also some conditions that may reduce the effectiveness and safety of LipoSelection. These include the following:

  • Connective tissue disorders
  • Excessive scarring
  • Too much collagen
  • Stretch marks or high risk of their development
  • Lupus Erythematosus
  • Diseases of the endocrine system
  • Pregnant women or those who would like to get pregnant

It's your safety and overall well-being we're talking about here. Although Vaserlipo is safe and has approval from the DFA, you still should let your surgeon know of any condition you may have.

Ready to Find Out If You're a Good Vaserlipo Candidate?

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