Laser Tattoo Removal


Did you know that about 30% of people in the U.S. have at least one tattoo? Did you also know that about 25% of those who have a tattoo regret getting a tattoo? This is a sad statistic. However, there is good news. Laser tattoo removal is paving the way to get rid of unwanted tattoos with minimal to no side effects. Currently, laser tattoo removal is the gold standard for tattoo removal. Dr. Katzen has offices in Beverly Hills and in Las Vegas where he and his staff laser tattoos away. Laser tattoo removal is a relatively easy procedure. First, the laser removes the tattoo by breaking up the pigments of black ink with a precise wavelength of high-intensity light. Because black ink pigment can absorb all laser wavelengths, tattoos with black are the easiest color to eliminate as opposed to tattoo with color pigment. Color pigments require different wavelengths for targeted removal. Here are things you should expect: After your consultation, Dr. Katzen and his highly trained professional staff will evaluate your tattoo and advise you about the entire process. The number of sessions greatly depends on the age, size, and colors in your tattoo. Also, laser tattoo removal is dependent on the color of your skin and the depth of the tattoo pigment. Once all that is sorted out, Dr. Katzen and his staff can begin with laser tattoo removal. You will be given protective eyewear. You will get a test spot with the laser to determine your skin’s reaction to the laser. Testing your skin will determine the laser settings required to remove your tattoo. Again, depending on age, color, and size of the tattoo, Dr. Katzen or his laser technician will use pulses of intense light on the top layer of the skin and see how much of the tattoo is removed. Laser tattoo removal is virtually painless. Most patients do not need anesthesia. However, if you are very sensitive to pain, you might want to apply topical anesthesia cream beforehand your laser session. Once the laser procedure is completed, it is best to use an ice pack to soothe the area. To protect your skin, you should apply antibiotic ointment and bandage the area. You should also cover the area with sunblock when you go outside. Here are some things you should know Laser tattoo removal is at a minimal risk for infection. Therefore, you should apply an antibiotic to the area. Also, there is a slight chance you will have a permanent scar. This is partially why you should use sunblock. The laser affects the skin around the tattoo. Though rare, the laser can cause hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is usually darker skin spots around the lasered area. Hypopigmentation is lighter skin spots around the lasered area. Depending on the complexity of the tattoo, the average price per laser tattoo removal ranges from $200-$500. It is best to find a reputable, experienced plastic surgeon to perform the tattoo removal. Insurance companies do not cover laser tattoo removal. If you are interested in laser tattoo removal, please contact my office today. We would love to help you.

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