Reclaim Your Pre-Baby Body with a Mommy Makeover


Having a baby was the most incredible experience of your life. You brought your greatest gift into this world, creating a new person. All of the changes in your body were worth it to hold your bundle of joy. Now that your baby is here, you are ready to reclaim your body. It's easier said than done. If you have tried diet and exercise, but your body won't snap back to your pre-baby days, consider a Mommy Makeover.

How Does a Mommy Makeover Work?

Pregnancy causes your body to go through a lot of changes when you are expecting. During pregnancy, your breasts become larger. During nursing, your breasts deflate. Your stomach can become loose, and there may be stubborn deposits of fat that are clinging to your midsection. No matter how hard you work out, you may still find yourself dealing with these trouble areas. If your efforts are not working, consider turning to Dr. Katzen, our talented plastic surgeon. You can have a complete Mommy Makeover that is tailored to meet your needs. When it comes to your breasts, breast implants can add more volume and create definition again. Your stomach problems may be resolved with a tummy tuck and/or liposuction. You'll have a firm, flat stomach and full, shapely breasts once your mommy makeover is over. If you have issues with your thighs, this can be addressed as well. The thigh surgery is personalized to address your specific areas of concern. You may need thigh liposuction and/or a thigh lift.

Why Choose a Mommy Makeover?

It can be frustrating when your body won't cooperate after having a baby. You deserve to feel good about yourself. Don't become aggravated when you can't sculpt your body on your own. Dr. Katzen will help you to get the body that you want to see. You can have speedy results and get yourself back on track to the way you used to be before your baby came into your life. Enjoy a beautiful baby and body when you take advantage of a Mommy Makeover.

Talk to Dr. Katzen About a Mommy Makeover

If you want to take your body back to the way it used to be before your baby was born, a Mommy Makeover could work for you. Visit the office of J. Timothy Katzen, MD in Las Vegas or Beverly Hills so that you can learn more about a Mommy Makeover. Learn what to expect during your procedure and recovery to have the best experience possible. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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