Restore Sagging Breasts with a Breast Lift


Aging is a fact of life. However, aging does not just affect your face. Your whole body can begin to lose its firmness as gravity takes its toll. Unfortunately, your breasts are not excluded from the aging process. As you age, you lose breast fat. Also, with aging, the suspensory ligaments of the breasts (Cooper’s Ligaments) lose their strength to support the breasts. With loss of breast fat and loss of breast support, the result is breast sag or breast ptosis. Sagging breasts are caused by loss of skin elasticity, pregnancy, breastfeeding, genetics, and weight fluctuations. Dr. Katzen is a plastic surgeon who offers breast lift surgery (mastopexy) to women who suffer from sagging breasts, enlarged areolas, downward pointing nipples, stretched breast skin, and asymmetrical breasts. The main purpose of a breast lift is to raise sagging breasts. However, a maxopexy can also be performed in conjunction with breast augmentation to enhance the appearance of the breasts. A breast lift procedure involves lifting the sagging breast tissues, removing and tightening the excess breast skin, and contouring the breasts so that they become perkier and more youthful again. A breast lift is performed on an outpatient basis using either general anesthesia or IV sedation.

Types of Breast Lifts

Dr. Katzen offers four different types of breast lifts.

  1. A crescent mastopexy is for patients with mild ptosis. During a crescent mastopexy, a crescent shaped area of breast skin is removed from the upper part of the areola.
  2. A doughnut mastopexy is for patients with mild to moderate ptosis. During a doughnut mastopexy, a doughnut shaped area of skin is removed from around the areola to lift the areola. It also provides an opportunity for more extensive reshaping if desired.
  3. A lollipop mastopexy is for patients with moderate to severe ptosis. A lollipop or vertical mastopexy allows for primarily vertical lifting of the breasts.
  4. An anchor breast lift is used to correct severe ptosis or extensive breast sagging. The anchor or inverted “T” mastopexy, allows for vertical and horizontal breast lifting, and dramatic reshaping.

Breast lifts can be combined with breast enlargement or reduction for a variety of options and results. After evaluating your anatomy and discussing your desired outcome, Dr. Katzen will help you plan which breast lift is right for you. Following breast lift surgery, you will be advised to wear a support bra to minimize swelling and to facilitate the healing process. Vigorous exercise must be avoided for the first few months following your procedure, but most patients can return to their daily routine fairly soon. A breast lift can offer many benefits. Not only will you look physically younger, but your self-confidence should increase as the breast lift has transformed your breasts into a more desirable shape. Contact Dr. Katzen's office today to schedule your consultation! Dr. Katzen has offices located in Beverly Hills and Las Vegas. We look forward to working with you!

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